The I75 SUV Speedway

The pandemic has definitely caused my freeway driving confidence to take a hit. I can’t exactly figger out why. I75 has always had the capability of being intimidating. Aggressive drivers galore, monster backups, ice storms in the winter, and once we were HIT BY A TORNADO.

Somehow I am more freaked out by intense traffic since the pandemic started. I’m working on that but I did take a couple of adjacent by-ways today just to get away from it all for a while. I/we do that sometimes anyway. Eventually I had to suck it up and get back onto the freeway. I made it safely and even got gas. Oh, not that I haven’t pumped gas since the pandemic but somehow I have to “psych” myself up more now. The GG just galumphs along as usual. Male/female differences? Polly-tickle differences? Lingering low-level anxiety? I’m not sure. I *think* I like the late-model vee-hickle feature that alerts you when somebody is passing you by lighting a light on the mirror? I’ve had it on two vee-hickles now.

Haven’t used a rest area yet but I think that’s only a matter of time. First thing I did after my five hour drive (even before unloading Cygnus) was sit down to slowly drink a big glass of water.

Anyway. Mini-faaaar to put out upon returning to the Landfill. A paper car insurance bill had arrived in a batch of held mail and it was OVERDUE when I opened it. This was not our regular invoice. I know when that one is scheduled to be paid and I am ON IT. This was related to some changes we made recently and I was not expecting it. I had to muddle a bit because I couldn’t pay it via the website but was able to do it by phone and I see a pending transaction so hopefully all is well. (Yay for on-line banking 🐽)

All is well here. Our flowers are doing great and 🐭 didn’t even have to water them because there was enough rain. Maybe she’ll get the chance to water flowers at the moomincabin. And it actually isn’t tooooo hot here. Today. I didn’t look at the forecast.

The pic is from sometime last week. The freighter is the Stewart Cort, first 1000-footer on the Great Lakes back in 1971.

One Response to “The I75 SUV Speedway”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That photo is gorgeous! I am not very confident on the freeway since I drive on it rarely, even pre-pandemic. I like that feature too!