The Talking Moose was NOT in the system folder

I was a nervous wreck this morning worried that my laptop would still be dead and I’d have to face ANOTHER support call. And I left the slip of paper I had written the support ticket on at the moomincabin so I didn’t even have that.

So. Procrastinate for a while. Put the moomincabin laundry into the warshing musheen. Timidly open my laptop. Take a deeeeeep breath. Hit the start button. Behavior started out the same as the last time I tried to boot it up. The Dell startup screen and then weird little messages on a black screen. A list of function keys that didn’t do anything. But then. It seemed to have a change of heart. It went back to the Dell startup screen and then. Voila! Everything came back.

I took this as a sign to put my archive of specs out onto Teams. They are also backed up in “old” places but a lot of the ones on my hard drive have special annotations and things in them. It was time. Hoping this is over but will be nervous about booting up again tomorrow.

Back in the day, we had a MacPlus of some sort. I used to do all kinds of spreadsheet stuff on it for various organizations and I had to boot it up with a “floppy” disk. Remember those? One day, over and over again, I would put the boot disk in the slot. It would get almost all the way done coming up and then it would crash and burn. After about five tries, I finally called tech support aka the GG over at That Darn EPA where he worked to ask WTF? His response? “The talking moose must be in the system folder again.” Again?

And yup, another sunset from the moominbeach. I don’t have much else in the way of pics today. A laundry basket that I texted to my mouse?

One Response to “The Talking Moose was NOT in the system folder”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am fond of sunset pics and computers that decide to do the right thing after all. 🙂