Thoughts on our country’s flag

Or… not. I have been annoyed at the way I hear people (that I don’t agree with) attempt to assign meanings (that I don’t agree with) to our country’s flag. Guess what? I don’t have the writing chops for that today. Or even the thinking chops. You’re welcome! –“Lefty” Lulu 🐽🐽🐽

Today started out a little slow at teleCubelandia. I had sorta finished a few things up yesterday and a couple things I was looking forward to today got postponed. I spent a bit of time twiddling my thumbs and then I fell into a HUGE rabbit hole and I have no brainpower left.

So here are a couple more sunset pics, both sent to us by my mouse. The first is a straightforward sunset photo but 🐭 has a really good eye, not that Mr. Golden Sun doesn’t play his own starring role.

And then, as she walked back up from the beach, she realized that Oriole does a great job of reflecting a sunset.

Oriole is an orange Crosstrek and was the inspiration for me to buy Cygnus. Crosstreks had not been on my radar screen. In fact, they were so far off my radar screen that I have been walking by one in my neighbors’ driveway for YEARS and didn’t even know what it was. Of course now that my daughter and I both own Crosstreks, OF COURSE I see them EVERYWHERE, especially ORANGE ones. Cygnus is a sweet vee-hickle, especially now that the defective taaar sensor is fixed.

I am able to identify some vee-hickle makes/models but they are usually limited to those that I own or similar ones. I’m nowhere as good at it as my brother the engineer was. He knew them all by around the age of three and I will never forget one of the times my parents left us with our grandparents to travel to a banking industry meeting in Detroit. He told them OVER AND OVER to make sure to let him know if they saw a Corvette with the lights up (or was it down?🐽). And yes he became an automotive engineer (and jazz trombonist) when he grew up. Rebel that he was, it was my brother who as a GM employee originally steered us toward Japanese vee-hickles. Heck, he was already buying Hondas, GM be damned. I haven’t looked back. For those who disagree with that choice, a reminder that Japanese car companies employ a LOT of Americans at all levels.

2 Responses to “Thoughts on our country’s flag

  1. Mouse Says:

    The resident Raccoon and I think the Oriole photo looks like a shot on very expired film!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I wasn’t very familiar with Crosstreks until a friend bought one. They are sporty!