“Tlingit Indian, MacMullan ’52”

Another artifact from my aunt Roberta made its way across town today. I was sent a picture of it and I DECISIVELY said, “I’ll take it.” This is not a framed painting. It’s a three panel “screen” with this picture painted on each screen. Roooomba will probably topple it over from its temporary spot in the front living room tomorrow.

And so… Michigan is opening up and we are all vaxxed. Am I ready for big crowds in restaurants? No no no no… It isn’t so much COVID cowardice any more (although I do NOT think we are finished with COVID), just that I’m not ready for rah rah craziness.

So we were considering getting ourselves porterized in our back yard tonight. I couldn’t do it. Not because of COVID. We have had occasional visitors to our backyard since long before vaccinations were available. But I have had a busy week. The GG has been more sluggish than usual the last couple days (which is OKAY!). Then I looked around the front living room this afternoon and… This is not a hoarder house but… Boxes and grokkery bags and all kinds of other detritus. It was a cluttered mess. I’m sure that wouldn’t’ve bothered our friends but it was bothering meeeee and I didn’t have the right kind of energy to clean it up this afternoon (tomorrow) so we bagged out and did porterzoomation again.

That was all fun but… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT EVER volunteer me for a sewing prodject ever again. I own a sewing musheen. I know how to use it. I used to make my own clothes back in the day. I have done quilting and other fiber arts prodjects. I do not fix things unless I want to, especially if they involve canvas, which my trusty little Viking musheen does not really do.

I have a bit of PTSD about this dating from my days of working over at That Darn EPA when I was a 20-something. There was a guy who used to come to the window to pick up printouts and turn in test data sheets to be keypunched (yes), etc. He wasn’t creeeeeepy exactly (there were some who were) but he was older than me and not, uh, cute and I certainly didn’t look upon him as, say, boyfriend material. I was friendly with him although I always felt a bit On Guard. I suspected he had an eye toward me.

Somehow he figured out that I knew how to sew and asked me to make some sort of cover for a water bottle. Being a young woman without the wherewithal to say NOOOO, at least not to that kind of request, I agreed. I made an honest try only to figger out that my musheen could not really deal with the thick fabric/thread involved. I FREAKED OUT. I didn’t finish the prodject and avoided him like crazy about it FOREVER. We never did reconnect about it and I STILL feel guilty about that. I shouldda said NO from the getgo!

So tonight when asked to replace a canvas (I think) chair seat, I DECISIVELY answered NO! I am not a professional seamstress. I am not interested in that kind of sewing and I’m not gonna spend my non-work time on it. There are plenty of people who are and they will happily do your prodject for what I’m gonna guess would be a small fee. Some of them are on Nextdoor Neighbor. Reach out.

The GG is the one who suggested maybe I might wanna do a prodject like this. He should know better 🐽 It was all fun anyway as it always is.

2 Responses to ““Tlingit Indian, MacMullan ’52””

  1. Jay Says:

    Again, I did not know that was a Roberta piece. So much I just never asked about. It was just always there.

  2. Margaret Says:

    That’s a wonderful piece! I’m not ready for the rah rah craziness either. Thankfully, everyone knows that I can’t sew or do any craft type things, so I get out of those types of projects.