Peeeeeas pleeeeease

’tis the season and I am gonna make up for last year by hitting up the farmers market and/or Argus for as many shelling peas as I can get my hands on. This is half of what I shelled today. I like to shell them outside but had to wait until various rain storms moved through. I waited happily. We need rain.

I did manage to snag some shelling peas last year. I think I got some from Argus? And maybe my 🐭 snagged some from the actual market? At any rate, I was grateful for the peas I was able to snag last year but it’s nice to be able to obtain them in person. I am gonna go to the market every Wednesday and Saturday (the days it’s open) to buy more until pea season is over. It’s also cool that being a permanent telecommuter, I have TIME to hit up the market on WEDNESDAYS! A little bonus today, when I approached beautiful Cygnus with my peas, etc., the young man parked next to me started gushing over her. He’d owned a Crosstrek he loved but needed a twuk (as my brother used to call them).

Shelling peas are not to be confused with sugar snap peas and if the peas are not marked, I always have to ask. A lot of people love snap peas. You don’t have to shell them. I find the pods “stringy” and am not a fan. To each her own. The peas I got Wednesday and today (from two different vendors) were GORGEOUS!

So we have had dry weather here but the eastern yooperland is so dry that I got a weather alert today to watch for faaaars. Although rain is more typical of the yooperland, we periodically have dangerously dry summers and forest fires do happen. I became aware of this when we had a dry summer when I was about 10 and actually I believe a fire tried to get going a mile or so away from us. It was in a visible, accessible location and one of my aunts (I think) spotted it and it got put out before it was able to spread. Being a highly imaginative kid, I remember being scared to go to bed every night, expecting my parents to pull us out of bed in the middle of the night to flee a forest fire. And every time we drove past the DNR (or whatever) office on our way into town, we noted Smokey Bear’s faar danger rating – low to extremely high or whatever. Kinda like the daily COVID reports we get today.

Copper River salmon on the grill, asparagus and friends (scallions and garlic scapes), and leftover rice 🐽. Peeeeeas are in the freezer for now.

P.S. I didn’t see our friend Victoria of Protective Fish at the market today but her booth was set up. Yaaaay!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That meal sounds delicious. (no peas for me though, thanks!) I want to start going to Farmers’ Markets too, but the one in my town is SO crowded and I would run into way too many people I know.