Orange arguments

That’s my title but it is not [mostly] my topic.

The Landfill Freezer has been outta control since March something 2020. I hit the wall on Friday when I had to empty it THREE TIMES to find a packet of Jonah crab meat I ordered from Luke’s Lobster a few months ago and never got around to using. I wanted to use it Friday and I COULD NOT FIND IT! FINALLY! On the third emptying, I spied my little packet of crab hanging off the back of the second shelf from the bottom. Whew! I won’t tell you how much that stuff costs (the GG does NOT want to know🐽) but I was happy to find it and made a crab, kale, cannellini, pasta, lemon casserole-style dish with it.

The refrigerator has somehow seemed easier to manage and is often quite empty. Over the last few days it has gone from quite empty to overstuffed. Dangerously so, especially in the form of some gazpacho I made yesterday. I put it in a big Copco bowl topped with a silicone flower lid. After maneuvering around that contraption for a couple days and slopping some soup on the adjacent egg carton, I decided it was an accident waiting to happen and found another container with a tightly fitting lid to put it in. And then cleaned most of the rest of the refrigerator out.

So nothing very exciting here today. We won’t talk about last night’s orange arguments. I’m reading a book published in 2021 (Legends of the North Cascades) where an “orange menace” is mentioned occasionally although (so far) he seems to be a momentarily passing theme. I like the book so far but I don’t think it’ll quite get a five from me but we’ll see. I’m not all that far into it. If the author tries to jam COVID-19 into it, my rating will sink but not sure that’s in the cards. Note that I HATE the “Orange Menace” too, just hope that this novel doesn’t handle him in a ham-fisted way.

I did give a five to “The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna”, a multi-generational Italian-American family saga. I really enjoyed this book but trigger warning for sexual abuse/incest survivors. There were hard things to read but I loved the overall story and the many strong female characters. Note that most of the male characters were also “good guys” but the protagonist(s) were female.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My refrigerator and freezer are jammed–but before they got that way, Ashley went through everything, so it’s more organized at least. The North Cascades? I need to get up there one of these days.