Boooook club?

I got the invitation first thing in the morning on Facebook. I accepted it immediately. It’s the Birch Point Book Club and I already know all of the members or their relatives as well as some of *my* relatives.

I have never belonged to a book club before. Years ago, the Haisley Mafia passed around that old bridges of Madison County book with vague plans to get together someday to discuss it. We never did get around to it and I’m gonna guess if we had, there’d’ve been more w[h]ine and gossip than literary discussion 🐽. I had a love/hate relationship with that particular book. On the one hand, I couldn’t put it down. On the other hand, the writing was meh. Not that I could coherently tellya why.

This club has been going for something like five years. I knew about it but wasn’t formally invited. Oh, that didn’t bother me one iota. I know I could’ve joined at any time. I. Just. Didn’t. I am an introvert and not much of a joiner. It goes with my profession. Years ago I can remember the LSCHP telling somebody he could never get his team to do anything social. Actually, he could get us to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day down at the nearby wings joint.

Anyway. I read over 100 books a year, at least the last few years since the beach urchins introduced me to the GoodReads challenge and I (of course) started to compete with myself. Discuss them? I don’t have the chops to coherently discuss literature, even with the fantastic intro my high school honors English teacher Mr. “Piffer” provided me with.

I am mainly drawn to “literary fiction”, dystopian stuff, some sci-fi, “weird” stuff, and interesting memoirs but that’s an incomplete list. I dislike most romance crapola and chick lit and THAT’S an incomplete list. I sometimes get into reading through a series or a few books with related themes but often I just grab whatever looks good at the moment. And sometimes it’s HARD to pick the next book.

i have already read “Firekeeper’s Daughter”, which is the next read for the book club and loved it. Maybe I’ll read it again? We’ll see. Will I be able to discuss it? Hmmm. Fortunately people that are smarter than me apparently lead the discussions. Maybe they’ll let me be quiet at first until I get the hang of it. Of course, this particular book is set in my hometown so who knows what I will say. They might not be able to shut me up🐽

This is all contingent upon my “dance card” this summer. I need to get totally straight about the date of my beloved MacMu cousin Teri’s memorial event. It’s at our favorite restaurant in East Lansing and it turns out to be where she and her husband met. That’s all just background noise. I wouldn’t miss Teri’s memorial for any reason🧡🧡🧡

3 Responses to “Boooook club?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love being in a Book Club and I think you’ll enjoy the discussion whether you participate much or not. I love hearing different perspectives on books. I often like them more afterward.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    Oh, I went through that Bridges/Madison County business too, love-hate etc. But! Then I picked up a copy of The Ditches of Edison County by Ronald Richard Roberts and what a treat. If you can find a copy I highly recommend it.

  3. Pooh Says:

    I picked up my copy of “Firekeeper’s Daughter” yesterday, and started reading it last night. I put it down after a few chapters, with a great show of willpower. I’ve already had too many late nights this week!

    I’m bringing “The Women of the Copper Country” which was the book for last month’s Birch Point Book Club meeting. You may borrow it if you want.