Fluff cut

Haircut? Haircut? Haircut? Yes yes yes! The last time I got my hair cut was March 2019. I am not a frequent hair cut person from the getgo but I do like to chop it all off once in a while. A mom bob please?

My fave hair person is Kaitlyn. She’s my Detroit beach urchin’s gal and she does a wonderful job on my scraggly old hair, turning me glamorous until the next time I wash my hair, which is always the next morning🐽. She’s based in Detroit and getting my hair cut had turned into a mother / daughter event culminating in lunch and whine at Green Dot or Ottava Via or wherever.

Fall of 2019 I was thinking of when I might next get her to bob my hair. Kaitlyn turns up her nose at the term “mom bob”. She is a professional and a perfectionist and she doesn’t really do “mom bobs”. But she also understands that I don’t really want anything ostentatiously fancy. Anyway. Before I got around to thinking about WHEN to get my hair cut again you know what happened, right? It starts with a C and ends with 19. And now my dance card is filling up with trips to the yooperland and Kaitlyn is busy with clients who have been waiting and may have worse issues to fix than hacking off a bunch of scraggly unruly hair.

So, back sometime in March 2021, my 🐭 asked if I wanted *her* to cut my hair. Well, yes I did. She is not a trained pro but she is pretty good and has done it before. That got postponed forever. First, we were not vaccinated. After we got vaxxed (together 🧡), she was busy or I was busy. I mean mostly she was busy. I am always busy but I am almost always HOME whereas she is an essential worker and travels quite a lot when she has time off.

Today! Both of the beach urchins and one of the SOs came over for dinner. I asked my 🐭 if she would [finally] cut my hair. YES and she brought her hair-cutting scissors for good measure. This crapola is what she cut off. Kinda looks like dog hair, eh? On her sister’s good advice, she did not try to cut it as short as Kaitlyn would have. That’s okay. It is short enough to bounce and when life settles down in the hair-cutting biz, I’ll pay Kaitlyn to make her magic.

I am the chief cook and bottle washer around here but I did not have to lift a FINGER tonight. Well except I INSISTED on doing the dishioshios and that’s kind of a mess but it’s my mess because earlier today I ALMOST ran the dishwasher but decided to wait and in the end there were too many dishes to fit into it so I washed some of the overflow by hand and left the rest soaking in the sink. I’ll make short work of the whole mess tomorrow morning. Tacos with chicken and friends, fancy rice with lime and whatever, and strawberry shortcake.

It was sooooo much fun but I am EXHAUSTED now. Everyone has checked in as home safe and the GG is [thankfully] space-i-fying me.

Oh yeah. 🐭 also gave the GG a fluff cut. He has been getting occasional haircuts throughout but the back of his neck was, well, fluffy 🐽.

One Response to “Fluff cut”

  1. Margaret Says:

    How wonderful to spend time together AND to get a hair cut! My first trim felt so good!!