It was a quiet day at teleCubelandia…

This is what I started to write on Friday but we got porterized before I finished it and after whooping it up until a weeeee bit past my bedtime, I posted something else. Except… I didn’t post it until this morning. Wups.

So, on Friday, some key people were out, I was not in a hot seat of any kind, the GG was off visiting FlaMan, and it was R-A-I-N-I-N-G cats and dogs. Which was REALLY nice because boy oh boy it has been DRYYYYY.

I can always find things to do but then some interesting stuff came up on Instagram and I took a little break for a side trip into family history.

One of the beach urchins is an EXPERT at various fiber arts things. She knitted during class throughout high school and college and worked at a yarn store during those years. Spanish teacher? “You can’t knit in class.” After weeks of straight As? “Okay, you can knit in class!” Yarn store owner? “Sometimes people don’t take 🐭 seriously because she’s so young so I have to gently prod them in her direction – 🐭 is really the expert on that technique.” Yes. Me? I know how to knit. In no way can I do the kind of stuff 🐭 can do. We are all good at our own personal set of skills and talents.

Nowadays she has a collection of three spinning wheels, a couple sewing musheens, and now FOUR (count ’em) looms. She posted a pic of the newest one and said she thought they had all come from the Sault Ste. Siberia public schools. I gently corrected her. One (the one in the pic) is a loom I remember The Commander (her grandmother) using when I was a baby. When I was in high school, The Commander became a “home-ec” teacher (shhh, don’t tell her I called it “home-ec”, she’ll throw lightning bolts at me!). When she retired, she absconded with rescued the school loom, which nobody had used in decades. The other two were gifted by Our Northern Correspondent, who is a very talented fiber artist, rug hooking and basket making and probably other stuff I’m not remembering. I believe these are also rescued vintage looms.

The pics are of The Commander set up to use her loom on the moominbeach. I *think* this is before I was born but not sure. I knew I had them somewhere in the MASSIVE mess of pics in my MacBook photo app (digital hoarding, anyone?) but it took some creative searching to find them. Nevertheless, I persisted (and tagged the heck out of them once I found them!). And here they are.

So today started out early on a high note as I hit up the farmers market (for more peas, asparagus, and garlic scapes) and Plum (for other stuff), we took a river ride to see how high the river was, ending with a pass by Swan Corners to see the swan parents and their EIGHT cygnets. Then I did a massive pea shelling session, then… I found myself fighting a sinking spell in the late afternoon.

What isn’t happening today is dinner in the back yard with the beach urchins. Why? Because the Detroit freeways were so flooded that cars were abandoned all over the place in several FEET of water and I’m gonna guess that mess is still getting cleaned up. We said, “Don’t come over. We’ll do this tomorrow.” And now we’re under a tornado watch. We have had very little in-person contact with the Detroit beach urchin since February 2020 but what’s one more day?

2 Responses to “It was a quiet day at teleCubelandia…”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Fun being together.

  2. jane Says:

    I love seeing the old logs in the background. There used to be so many!