Little winkity lights

A storm rolled through today, not a huge storm but enough to provide drenching rain and a bit of a cooldown. TeleCubelandia features a big nine-paned window almost from floor to ceiling and on the other side of meeee from the window are the fugliest bushes on earth. I imagine there are MANY other folks who’d’ve torn those things out ages ago. We can’t bring ourselves to because they provide habitat for birds, henries, and squirrels, etc., all great entertainment.

This setup is also why I haven’t MOVED teleCubelandia to a more office-like space but that is also because I really want to PAY Certified Kitchen Lady and her crew to help me re-design, well, my whole house (except for the kitchen and bathroom, which are already done). But that’s an argument. At the least (and this is VERY unpopular) I want to get rid of the Green Couch at long last. It is broken and every time it gets “fixed” it breaks again. Within days. And no, I don’t weigh 600 pounds or anywhere near that. It is a piece of Early In-law furniture that has seen better days. I did not sign up for it in the beginning and I never expected it to be part of my permanent office furniture. (We’ll talk about how many cFam members have been sick on the couch some other day – including yer fav-o-rite blahgger🐽)

Anyway. In the dark before the rain started today, I kept seeing these eensy weensy teensy tinesy lights winking on and off in the bushes. I could not figger this out until I saw one of the lights go off and a little body fly off. Fireflies. At something like two in the afternoon. I don’t know where they hang out but they left when the rain started.

I went to my bank’s ATM today. I have not used an ATM since B.C. I have hardly used cash since B.C. Now that I am going to the farmers market again, I need cash again. Wow, was this ATM fancy. It gave me all kinds of options and let me save certain settings (like no receipt) and it looked like I could even pick particular denominations but all I needed was 20s so I didn’t explore that. But I’ll be back. The only problem is that my bank is no longer in Maple Village so I had to go all the way out to Zeeb to use an ATM. Oh well, Cygnus needed some exercise.

One Response to “Little winkity lights”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Fireflies during the day? I didn’t know that! (not super familiar with them since they don’t live here) We need rain; all of the west does. 🙁