Changing habits

The Commander once told me that she shifted her housekeeping routines, etc. about every three years. You know, cleaning “schedules”, grock shopping, menu plans, etc. At the time, I was in the throes of child-rearing (think teenagers?) and I thought, hmmmm… I change my routines about every five minutes.

I’m sure she went through a similar thing when we were kids. I remember one day when Bad Boyfriend was trying to get past First Base on our living room couch (no one else was home) and F-Troop (his term, from an old TV show) came galumphing up the back steps from the garage entrance. F-Troop was my mother, my little brother, and Tigger the dog who must’ve been in her garage shelter, otherwise, she’d’ve prob’ly been growling about the attempted shenanigans in the living room. Perhaps she WAS growling from her shelter anyway, sensing what mightta been going on. She was a SMART dog. Bad Boyfriend or not, that little group of mammals definitely resembled F-Troop, at least that day. I was 15 and both embarrassed by them and relieved that they arrived because I luvved that boyfriend but as much as I wanted to be ready for Second Base, I was NOT.

Nowadays, I get what The Comm was talking about. My grock shopping habits have shifted yet again. COVID force-shifted them and vax et al are shifting them yet again. NOOOWWWW? Being a full-time permanent telecommuter allows me to do my shopping at 0-skunk-30 any day of the week. Almost no customers are at the stores when they open and I (still a mask-wearing COVID coward) have always loved to shop ultra-early and now I can (masked).

Hahahahahaha! This early shopping taaaarrrs me out! Jeebus. I hit up the farmers market when it opened at seven. I bought my last load of shelling peas and a couple containers of hummus. Took them home, then hit up Plum when it opened at eight for a scandalous amount of meat, seafood, and other stuff ($200 worth) to take to the moomincabin for a week or so. And like can I siddown now?

And then the GG called me from Best Choice at Houghton Lake to ask if we needed anything? I couldn’t think and I couldn’t hear him but I think he bought boneless chicken breasts and cherry bratwurst. That’s great but we can also vax-venture into the Sault Ste. Siberian Meijer to pick stuff up. It isn’t Plum or farmers market but you CAN always get what you need.

One Response to “Changing habits”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I get this. My habits have changed a lot over the years. As a married woman, a widow, a retiree, during the pandemic, and now finding my way in this more relaxed but still affected world.