The refrigerator is broken

That means it doesn’t have a Freezer ‘hattan in it and I’m sorry buddy but I’m not there to fix it. Seeya tamarra.

Today. What is that smell? Alas, I KNEW what the smell was. It was the same smell we had last weekend when there was a dead rodent under the sink. We don’t have a constant rodent problem but they periodically come in so there are traps set but we forget they are set and…

I had to deal with this rodent myself. I do not LIKE to dispose of dead rodents. That’s the GG’s job. I especially don’t like to do this odious chore right now, knowing that our county has had hantavirus cases. The good news is (hahahahaha) I have a MASK (or four). So I masked up and fashioned a glub out of a plastic bag (the GG just bought glubs but I have no clue where he put them) and reached in, grabbed the trap, popped the rodent into the garbage, and took the bag out to the cart. Then I washed my hands happy birthday style, which I have not done for quite a few months.

Then. I had an errand at the Westgate Kroger and I needed gas. I have a love/hate relationship with the Shell station on the way to Kroger. It was the most convenient station for me on my way to Cubelandia (but not on the way back) but I *think* my debit card was once hacked from there. I’m not crazy about Speedway (the other direction) but couldn’t remember why except that the last time I pumped gas there my debit card wouldn’t work. But that happens all the time and I carry a couple of credit cards that do work and I pay them off once a week.

So, getting to Kroger was challenging because there’s a huge intersection that’s been closed because of a water main break and related HORRIFIC road damage and all of the little neighborhood streets are closed to thru traffic because people have been using them as speedways to get to and from Dexter and Jackson. I went all the way down to Crest and over to Liberty and back out. Don’t even try to follow all of this Planet Ann Arbor geographical mumbo-jumbo.

THEN. I went out to Wagner and up to Miller to get to the dreaded Speedway station. I fed it a credit card and that was fine and then I remembered why I don’t like to get gas there. Kee-reist, it was busier than all getout and there were lorries EVERYWHERE and one was blocking me from getting outta there and I had to back up and that was fun because there were cars going every which way behind me. I will say I like Cygnus’s backup cam a LOT better than the one the Frog Hopper had. It helped a lot but I CERTAINLY still swiveled my head.

So that was that and IIIII am having a freezer ‘hattan here in the back yard on this beautiful evening and I am all packed except for perishable grocks, phone, laptops, and cables. Packing food is a lot easier this year but I think I am experiencing PTSD from last summer because I am way more stressed about it than I probably need to be 🐽

One Response to “The refrigerator is broken”

  1. Margaret Says:

    What is a freezer Manhattan? It sounds like you deserved it! Doing errands (and getting gas) is exhausting. And the rodent situation made me shiver. Ugh.