Hey, we’re supposed to be DEacquisitioning

I couldda droven up here to da yoop ANY day this week. Why did I choose today? I do not know. In fact I knew it would be busy the Friday before a Sunday 4th of July, even early in the day. It wasn’t terrible. I left early and took the Lansing route. US127 was MUCH calmer than the I75 SUV Speedway but eventually I had to merge onto that beast with its 85 mph traffic. That is a left merge and I haven’t done it in a long enough time that I fergot how it worked so lanes were ending on me like crazy and nutsos were not letting me merge.

Gah. It was okay. I managed to merge. There were no backups. I topped off Cygnus at our new fave gas stop in Waters. The Mac Bridge was clear although I got stuck for a bit behind a slow line of vee-hickles. I finally figgered out that a gravel truck was the cause of this backup. Big trucks are required to limit their speed to 20 mph and they DO, which is a good thing. I got over onto the dreaded grate and passed the gravel truck and all of the 4-wheelers behind it. Were they afraid to drive on the dreaded grate? I do not know. I am still experiencing a decrease in freeway driving confidence since the pandemic but it’s getting better. I have never been afraid of the grate. When I was a small child, my dad would drive on it on purpose to let us open our windows and look down at the water below. It can feel squirrelly though.

I masked up and braved the rest area just north of the bridge. First rest area since you know when. I had to PPPPPPP. I deliberately “held it” until then because I correctly figgered that rest area wouldn’t be crowded. I didn’t see one other person wearing a mask. Folks, vaxxed or not, it’s not over.

The GG drove separately (from the cFam cabin at Hoton Lake) and made sure he got here before me so he could turn the propane stove up HIGH, turn EVERY light bulb in the place on, and take ONE of my blue towels. He uses one towel, I use two. It felt like an inferno when I got here and I had to switch to green towels 🐽

And then. I put all of the grocks away and went out the back door to hang the bags up on the contraption there above the recycle bin. And then I turned around. What the heck is this chair doing here? The big heavy looking wooden one. Where did it come from? My guess was Hoton Lake. Although I’ve never seen this chair there, there is all kinds of unknown crapola in the shed.

He will not tell me anything about the chair except that he’s gonna fix it up. Yeah, roight. We have an odd collection of furniture here at the moomincabin and we need to re-jigger it but we do NOT need this chair so I hope this is not its intended final destination.

The Old Cabin is filled with cousins and we hung out with them for a while after a bit of rain chased me off the beach. We are ALL vaxxed. And now the refrigerator is at long last fixed and the GG is grilling Hawaiian brats from Best Choice (Hoton Lake), corn, and asparagus.

Cheers from the great not-so-white yooperland.

2 Responses to “Hey, we’re supposed to be DEacquisitioning”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I was thinking how comfortable that chair looks and how much I would love to sit in it while reading a book and sipping a beer. 🙂

  2. CarterElizabeth Says:

    The chair is not coming to HotonLake!