Raggedy and bedraggled – a “post” pandemic grokkery trip

A text message alerted me that my lizard and her SO were arriving today. I knew they were coming sometime this week but I wasn’t sure when, probably my bad due to “post” pandemic brain fog or whatever.

I had some food planned for their visit but not a whole lot so I texted, “Is BBQ chicken okay for tonight?”. It was okay so I mobilized myself for a trip to Meijer…

I had a grock list but I didn’t put CHICKEN on it because that was my main thing to buy, right? I masked up and schlepped in to Meijer. I bought the stuff on my grock list. I bought some stuff that wasn’t on my grock list. I got to the Uscan and even though I had quite a bit more than the 12 allowed items, it wasn’t busy and I forged ahead and scanned my own grocks. As I finished paying, a woman sidled up to me and told me she loved my skirt. It was my long blue skirt. I love my long skirts too and told her thank you.

I schlepped out into the parking lot and it was pouring rain. The [unfinished] hem of my bee-yoo-ty-ful loooonnng blue skirt soaked up water like crazy so I was kinda sloshin’ along. I got ALMOST to Cygnus when I realized I HAD NOT BOUGHT CHICKEN! You know. The main thing I was buying? I took a deeeeep breath. I put my grocks into Cygnus. I sucked it up and MASKED UP AGAIN and went BACK inside Meijer to get chicken. My skirt continued to soak up water like crazy and I had to hold it up so it didn’t trip me and my Keen sandals were squishing around and squeaking like crazy.

By the time I got back to Cygnus, I HATED my skirt. And my sandals. Jeebus.

It’s okay. At least this year we can share space here and I can go to a grokkery store to get supplies on the fly.

One Response to “Raggedy and bedraggled – a “post” pandemic grokkery trip”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have a love/hate relationship with most of my clothes. I’ve done the same thing! (forgotten the one item I needed/came for)