Countin’ heads

I have been counting heads ever since my kids were small. I still count heads now that they are 30-somethings. If I’m here. I’m sure they swim without me watching them when they’re here and I am not. When I was a teenager and young 20-something and used to have to bathe in the lake before work or whatever, I would ask The Commander to come down and keep an eye on me if the waves were big even though we don’t have riptides or undertows on our beach.

I used to spend whole days on the beach watching my kids and nieces and sometimes some of their second cousins, etc., swim. Last night I only had one head to count. It was gorgeous and hot and the water was fine and I shouldda been swimming with her.

I worked today. I was in my weekly meeting with Amazon Woman and she started out with, “You are really good.” My ego did not inflate because she went on to say it was always easy to hear me in meetings, etc. In other words, she was talking about my technology 🤣. I laughed and explained that I had first-world internet stuff here at the moominbeach.

I’m not sure what most people who haven’t spent a lot of time in the yooperland think it’s like. There are certainly areas where there’s no cell service. Tahquamenon Falls is one of them and it can be really annoying to try to meet up with other people over there without text messages. Here at the moominbeach, I have good cell service and a DSL (and fiber optic is eventually going in) and a couple of “switches” or whatever you call them. I have no problem accessing high-speed internet.

We have had internet here almost since the beginning of usable internet but in the beginning it was dial-up. When DSL became available, I didn’t telecommute to anywhere and we weren’t here for long periods of time so I just lived with dial-up. Then I got “stuck” here during The Commander’s last year. I was allowed to telecommute but it didn’t work very well with dial-up. After a couple of days of trying to work from cafes, etc., I marched over to Jamadots and the next day I had a DSL. AND a cable because the “wireless radio” on that crappy old laptop had died and I couldn’t use waaarrless wifi.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It was weird to not be able to sent texts or call reliably from the Olympic peninsula when John and I were camping. It’s not exactly the wilds and I didn’t realize that the Canadian towers would take over from the American ones, yet not work. It was frustrating!