Granddaddy is NOT in the bathroom

This is not Granddaddy. This is Motor Bote Guy taking me for an anniversary ride the day AFTER the anniversary.

I dunno how we got on to the old granddaddy bathroom story. It has to do with the itsy bitsy teensy tinesy moomincabin bathroom, complete with RV shower. The ONLY bathroom. Back when one of the beach urchins was learning to use terlets, EVERY morning when SHE was ready to use the terlet, Granddaddy would be in there. “Granddaddy is in the bathroom,” we would chorus. One day when she came downstairs, the bathroom door was open and NOBODY was in there. With great surprise, she exclaimed, “Granddaddy is NOT in the bathroom.”

At least she had an indoor terlet to learn with. When I was her age at the Old Cabin, we had an OUTHOUSE. I much preferred the potty behind the big wooden living room door. Why would I want to go to the stinky old outhouse? At one point, The Commander told me I shouldn’t use the potty behind the door when there were MEN in the living room. I looked around the living room. My dad and uncles were there and we were never prohibited from using the potty when THEY were there. I didn’t think they could SEE us in there but who knows. Oh but Lewie is here. Never married, no children. He must be the man in MEN.

And ka-whomp! I am not only re-learning how to grokkery shop. I am re-learning how to cook for more than two sniggly little eaters. We’re having kebabs tonight and I bought what would normally be enough filet for us plus a day or two of leftovers (we have some sea scallops and veggies too). When I took a good hard look at the filet today I decided to make a Rocket Trip into Meijer to get a little more plus some lettuce, which we basically had none of. Meijer has pretty good produce but the lettuce is not like the luxurious Goetz Family Farm lettuce I get at the farmers market. I think/hope we have enough food. Eventually I will re-learn how to cook.

One Response to “Granddaddy is NOT in the bathroom”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m re-learning how to grocery shop, how to go to a restaurant, how to socialize, etc. It is weird how much I’ve changed in the past year. Kind of frightening really. My introverted side has taken over.