Omigod, I have to blahg today!

What can I talk about? I can think of all kinds of stories to tell about the left coast and I have pics to go with them. Not very terribly good pics but they’ll do. But despite the fact that I spent roughly between 5-6 AM and 8 AM *every* morning that I was out there and a couple other hours later on the first couple days I was out there *and* got comfortable enough with aero-planes on the way back that I was able to actually open up my Macbook and do a smidgeon of work for an hour or so, I have *still* been scrambling to get my schoolwork done this week. And, BTW, I have figgered out that what bothers me about flying is that I know too much and hear/sense too much. This is an outcome of flying with Grandroobly in little Cessnas when I was a kid. Except that *then*, *I* was in the co-pilot’s seat and *he* was in the pilot’s seat and he could tell me what every little noise/sensation meant. So, on my very smooth flight home (Airbus this time, loved the plane, sorry Marquis, it was a 757 on the way out, fine but more vibes/noises, etc.) when we got to the western Lake Michigan shoreline and I felt like we were starting to descend, I was thinking, “hmmm, I *think* this is about where we would be starting our descent, but…” Of course, we *were* descending and the pilot or head flight attendant or whoever eventually told us we were descending but by that time we were somewhere over the middle of Michigan. I guess most people are just not tuned in. Or what? I dunno. Liz said, before I went out, “Just put your iPod on.” Not. I have to know. Anyway, it was a grand vacation and not the typical busman’s holiday that I usually get with the brothers-in-law and kids and dogs and octogenarians and throwing buckets of water down the toilet (don’t take offense any of y’all, I *love* you and those were/are wonderful busman’s holidays!). This trip was different. It was just me and my daughter and we pretty much did pretty much whatever we felt like doing and it was a *lot* of walking, enough to tire even *me* out and boy, do I miss the left coast. It was beautiful and my little girl took great care of her baggy old moom grok grok. But it’s over and I have homework due tomorrow morning and I don’t have it done… Yeek… I’ll try to post pics this weekend. Is there anyone who can’t view Flash slideshows? Lemme know! Er, that is, if you care to see my pics…

3 Responses to “Omigod, I have to blahg today!”

  1. Webmomster Says:

    Hey, KW, you’ll be fine!! The world isn’t going to stop whirling away (at least yet) if you aren’t *quite* caught up. You’ve had a great vacation out West (and I’m envious, but thrilled you did it!! 🙂 ) and we all LOVE YOU!!

  2. Sam Says:

    Bring on the photos! (when you get time)

  3. Webmomster Says: