We are the champions!

I soooooo wish I’d had the presence of mind to get a pic of the motorsickle guy we saw today. Fanciest motorcyyyy I’ve ever seen. Two “bucket” seats, American flags all over, and blasting “We are the champions” on his sound system. We had picked up bison burgers at Clyde’s drive-in and were eating them parked in Cygnus in Goose Poop Park. Yes, he’s probably a MAGAt. I still thought he was a hoot. I don’t think he was quiiite freeway ready with all those flags. This was a sloooowww cruise.

The GG walked to town (it takes about four hours) and we picked him up on Portage Avenue walking toward Clyde’s. As of yesterday afternoon we had three lunch restaurant choices in mind: Penny’s Kitchen, The Palace Saloon, and Clyde’s. All are faves but in the end, Clyde’s was the path of least resistance. I have been eating there my entire life and can remember going there with my grandma on Friday nights when my parents were out of town and Granddaddy was working at the bank. There is a “rival” restaurant in Sault Ste. Siberia called West Pier. It is also very good but Clyde’s is our go-to.

I asked Lizard Breath to drive. She is not really familiar with push-button ignitions and I have to admit that even after a couple years of owning vee-hickles with that system, I still sometimes wonder things like, “is it gonna start” and “is it off”. Until I bought Cygnus, I was mostly driving a 2008 6-speed manual and her car is also a manual. My kids are good drivers and she was great after an initial look at me that kinda said something like “how do I start this?” Yeah, I wondered that the time I drove npJane’s new VW down to the Planet Ann Arbor. Long complicated story as are many of our stories about schlepping people back and forth to the yooperland can sometimes be. Getting people to and from Radical Betty’s commemoration in 2009 was EPIC in terms of complexity.

We got porterized in person tonight. It was sooo fun but we are ready to crash now.

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m unsure about the push button ignition too. My 2018 Forester doesn’t have one. Glad that you are back to some normal activities!