Squirrel electrification failure

The GG has tried over and over throughout the years to put up birdhouses that don’t mainly attract squoils. This one is electrified. I am not crazy about ‘lectrification but it is a very low current that discourages the rodents and I don’t think it bothers the birds at all. It is not his first lucky-shuckial birdhouse but it’s the first one that has actually WORKED to deter shirrels.

Until today. I went into the water closet this afternoon and right outside the window was this big fluffy tail hanging out of the feeder. The cirker was totally inside gorging on birdseed. I managed to get a pic before flushing Eco Terlet, which was wise because the sound of the flush scared off the squirrel. TMI? Sorry, it was just peeeee. Anyway, I texted the pic to the GG…

It’s pretty fascinating listening to little kids learn to talk although for the most part, I only paid attention to my own daughters and nieces. As it happened, my brother’s two daughters and mine were born within a four year period. My older, his older, my younger, and his younger. My younger and his older are six months apart. I spent a lot of time with those kids when they were young and helped take care of them. And I loved them.

Squirrel is not the easiest word to pronounce when you are learning to talk and each one of those kids had their own way of pronouncing it. Oldest (mine): Shirrel. Next (my brother’s): Cirker. Next (mine): Squirrel. Last (my brother’s): [SHRIEK!] All of these kids spoke English fluently “on time” (two years old or so). The middle two were early talkers and my second (the one who pronounced “squirrel” accurately) was SUPER early. “Bye bye mama” accompanied by a wave at eight months. Of course my family was dropping me off at work that day and she didn’t quiiiite get it together to do it until I was outta the car but still…

Not bragging here. Just reminiscing. I still remember my mom telling me that I was working on walking and then I stopped and then one day I said clear as a bell, “I want a cracker.” After that I was walking like crazy. And then my poor moom had to deal with me as an angsty teenager… Bad Boyfriend and all of that.

The GG spent a lot of the day (including during a heavy rainstorm on that side of town) hanging out with MDUH helping him to empty some of the rest of his stuff before his upcoming move. We love MDUH and are happy to help 🧡

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I was a good talker as were both my girls but I don’t remember when exactly. It’s probably in their baby books.