Barry’s “dining room” is open again

March 2020 MMCB1 was two weeks into a trip to Australia that was supposed to last a month. You might guess what happened. They scrambled to find a flight outta there before they got stuck there indefinitely. She messaged me from wherever she was — it was the middle of the night — to let me know and maybe we could meet at Barry’s for coffee when she got back. I told her yes we can meet when you get back even though I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I figured we would reconnect about it when she DID get back and I would gently explain that I was not going to restaurants for the duration. As it turned out when she DID return, SHE was the one to suggest we shouldn’t meet that week. We’ve been meeting on facetime ever since.

I was thinking about Barry’s yesterday and craving a tuna bagel, something I haven’t ordered in forever. I wasn’t going to order one that day but the other thing that’s been going on with Barry’s is that they FINALLY did a long-planned renovation and I went out on their website to see if they had photos of it. They didn’t, at least not on the mobile version of their site. This is an old photo. Both of my coffee buddies have been complaining for YEARS about the tables and chairs and yada yada at Barry’s. I get it but I don’t really care that much. I can sleep on almost anything and the ancient cFam Green Couch that has become my office is horrible but I manage it.

Anyway, this morning was my scheduled facetime call with MMCB and even though Barry’s is now open, I declined to meet in person. Reason? I am guessing it was SLAMMED there this morning. No thanks. She was on board with that and we agreed to think about an in-person meet-up at Barry’s when she returns from, uh, Iceland. In August. Yes.

I am looking forward to seeing Barry’s renovation and If I get a SERIOUS tuna bagel craving, I’ll order it online and go pick it up. The pic is what Barry’s has looked like ever since I started going there, which was long before we moved our weekly MMCB coffee there from Zola. I learned how to order a double cap with hazelnut from my friend Vicki but I just get a medium black coffee now. I sat there with my [late] parents forever one time talking about parenting styles and lack thereof in certain cases. I wish I couldda found the pic I once took of the coffee I knocked on the floor and had to hail help to get it cleaned up. And all the times the manager “shamed” me for not using my plastic Barry’s card (hope she’s still there to shame me again). And the young gal who always asked me if I worked somewhere in Westgate and gave me a discount ANYWAY when I told her no, I work south of the Planet Ann Arbor airport.

2 Responses to “Barry’s “dining room” is open again”

  1. isa Says:

    <3 <3

  2. Margaret Says:

    Since you have the before photo, you are going to post an after pic, right? (once you go there of course) It sounds like the place is full of memories.