Oh, that was why I felt so slodgy this afternoon

Early morning was fine when I did my 0-skunk-30 and then a quick run for a couple grocks. After I got settled in to teleCubelandia I was thinking what the heck is the humidity today? High, that is all I can say. By the end of the afternoon it was so hot and humid I had to move outside to finish my day and then I took a second shower, which only marginally helped. Where is Gitchee Gumee when I need her (that pic is not from today). Later the GG told me that the temp briefly topped 90 this afternoon. Oh, okay. That explains it.

Of course we have central air and I could always turn that on but I am hard core about keeping doors and windows open. If it gets to 100-110 I WILL turn on the A/C but then I have to wonder if our lucky-shuckial infrastructure can handle everybody turning on their A/C at once. Back in the days before A/C when the beach urchins were small, we had a little plastic kiddie pool in the back yard…

Can I just say I HATE canned goods? I mean I don’t use too many of them but there are a few that I do. Tomatoes and tomato sauce for pasta sauce, black olives (not Greek) for enchiladas. And mushrooms for pizza. I don’t hate canned goods because they are not as healthy as fresh produce although I believe they are NOT. I hate them because it’s so dern easy to cut the heck out of your finger, especially when the can has one of them thar ring-tops, where you have to pull up the ring to get the can top off.

I had a HORRIBLE experience opening a can like that when I was a teenager and sliced up a finger but good. It wasn’t bad enough for the ER but I had a loverly bunch of bandages on it for a few days. Being an invulnerable teenager, I had fun with this. There was a band concert a couple days later. I was first seat flute so I was right up front and center and it didn’t affect my playing one iota. I flaunted my bandaged finger with glee. Which was the middle finger of my right hand.

Teenage invulnerability or not, I have been nervous about that kind of can ever since. Tonight I opened a ring-top mushroom can with a can opener. It was all fine until I tried to pull the last of the mushrooms outta the can with my hand. Yes, I scraped a finger but fortunately not enough to draw blood. Hey KW, next time use a spoon or something to dig out the mushrooms that are stuck to the inner side of the can.

2 Responses to “Oh, that was why I felt so slodgy this afternoon”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve sliced my fingers open with cans too. I am getting my heat pump at the end of the month and probably will rarely use it—but if any 100 degree temperatures come back, I won’t be as stressed.

  2. isa Says:

    Careful mooma!