Art fair avoidance

Actually this year I have been so disengaged from the art fair that I didn’t even know when it was, which is this weekend. That’s despite the fact that the art fair has frequently been in the news as it has been on again/off again because COVID. It ended up being ON with some sort of social distancing stuff in place. Me? I just said no.

I don’t need any more STUFF. The GG has pulled a couple carloads of MDUH’s STUFF over here for eventual disposal at Kiwanis or wherever. I said, “I’m not even gonna look at it.” And I mean it. As I once read somewhere (Fly Lady maybe?), “Your home is not a museum for somebody else’s stuff.” Also, there’s (from TBGay, my wise sister-in-law), “Just because someone once owned something doesn’t mean it’s worth anything.” MDUH is being direct and decisive about getting rid of his stuff, I applaud him 👏👏👏, and we are happy to help!

Today must’ve been a fun day at the art fair as torrential rain poured all morning with lighter rain continuing throughout the afternoon. Not that it never rains during the art fair. It’s not a bug, its a feature 🤣🤣🤣

I did enjoy the rain over here at teleCubelandia. Much cooler but not chilly at all. The Landfill was pitch black all day because I don’t turn on lights (except “fairy” lights) unless I specifically need them, i.e., I don’t need them to interact with “screens”. And my flowers are happy. I had one pot of impatiens that was starting to look a little “leggy”. I think it’s positioned such that it gets more sun than the others. A year of actively watching the trajectory of Mr. Golden Sun across the sky at The Landfill has made me more aware of how it affects stuff (mostly weeds) in the yard. After yesterday I was thinking I would have to water that pot this morning but that did not come to pass. We won’t talk about Detroit, which suffered major freeway flooding again. My daughter lives/works over there.

In other developments I keep hearing thumping and crashing noises around the outside of The Landfill. Some of it can be attributed to activity at the bird squirrel feeder outside the bathroom window. But noises in the driveway had me looking for fallen branches.

2 Responses to “Art fair avoidance”

  1. jane Says:

    I’ll be over to get some of the tools. Apparently I should have taken them a bit faster than I realized.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I’m trying to get rid of stuff too. It can be very time-consuming and emotional.