Trusting Black Thumb Banana to babysit your plants

Fortunately the two hanging plant pots will only be under the supervision of Black Thumb Banana for a week or so. I thought this one was a fuchsia until I got up close and personal. Caterpillar plant?

Snippets of my day. Kerrytown/farmers market at 0-skunk-30. Mostly snagged fish/seafood and meat from inside plus some sweet corn. I had an Argus delivery yesterday so I didn’t go pig wild on produce. Oh yeah! I got some cabbage rolls from the Polish folks! They sell their stuff through Argus but I have not seen the cabbage rolls there so I was glad to get some today. I’m sure I could MAKE cabbage rolls but I couldn’t be bothered.

New neighbors moved in today. Four cars/trucks and a big trailer dropping stuff off. Seems like a nice young couple but makes me feel old and baggy thinking of when we moved in back when Lizard was on the way.

Got a text this morning that MDUH wanted to take any relative around out to dinner. That turned out to be me and his daughter and son-in-law, who are at his house this weekend. They chose Zola’s Bistro, which is an offshoot of the downtown Cafe Zola, where I began meeting up with my coffee buddies back in our kids’ years at the alternative middle school. (Alternative in this case meant a non-traditional format public school of choice, not that they were kids with “problems”.)

This turned out to be another slow post-pandemic restaurant experience. The food was wonderful but it took a long time to arrive. Our waiter comped MDUH some bread and butter and apologized over and over for the wait. Folks it wasn’t his fault. It seems to be a fact that restaurants are struggling to hire enough staff. You can argue that this is because people are making so much money on enhanced unemployment benefits that they would rather sit on their duffs and watch TV. I believe it is a much more complicated situation than that – although there probably ARE a few folks in that category.

If I have a point here it is that when you visit restaurants, please please please be kind to the servers and other staff. Tip them well. This will all even out eventually but it will no doubt take a while. We’ve all been through a traumatic period and it is likely not over yet. Patience please. (I know I’m likely preaching to the choir here 🐸)

Vee-hickle logistics made it easier for me to pick people up in Mooon Yooonit. I had to move a whole bunch of crapola from MY’s back seat to the boot to be able to allow people to sit there (grrr). Anyway, when I dropped them back off, MDUH invited me in. Alas, I was ready to crash by then so I slowly motored my way back across town toward the setting sun and am now comfortably ensconced (except for a few stray moe-skee-toes) in the Landfill back yard. Henrys and faaaarflies now too. Summer on The Planet Ann Arbor has its perks.

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