I could not keep my eyes open this afternoon. I dunno exactly why. I was up early jumping around at the farmers market and then at the Plum when it opened.

I think it is because I will be traveling to the moomincabin next weekend and am just sorting myself out for that. It is so hard to own two places that you love. Plus we also have the cFam place at Hoton Lake.

I’m just taarrred. I love the Planet Ann Arbor. I love the moomincabin. I love Hoton Lake.

And then there is Devil’s Tower. We visited Devil’s Tower umpteen billion years ago when our kids were middle/high school age. I always like to say that was the trip the kids got sick, the dog ran away, and the car broke down. In truth, none of that stuff happened. Nobody got sick. We didn’t have a dog. The POC did develop a squealy kind of noise our last day, as we left a TERRIBLE Holiday Inn near Chicago. It was the frickin’ fuel pump but we got home without a problem..

Crabby is how I felt when Trump won in 2016. When I recited that button’s sentiment in a bar in Waters, Michigan, the bartender cracked up. So did Mr. Bear at work. I don’t know who that bartender or Mr. Bear voted for. I’m gonna guess based on his location and gender that the bartender went orange. Mr. Bear? He grew up Russian and we stay waaaaay awaaaay from polly-ticks at work so who knows. Y’all know I did NOT vote for the former guy. The orange one.

One Response to “Sleeeeeepy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t vote for That Guy either time and was appalled and terrified that he won in 2016. For good reason.