Not as sleeeeepy today. Didn’t really get a chance for a sinking spell because npJane made a visit this afternoon. In part it was a bizness visit, MDUH’s upcoming move. Nothing tooooo serious though, mostly just jawboning away in the Landfill back yard where there was a bit of shade.

A cautionary tale for anyone taking to the friendly skies. Our mouse and raccoon took a trip to spend a week with his family on the Atlantic coast. Getting there was a snap. In fact, it was only a couple hours between the “boarding” text to the “landed” text. Getting home was a whole ‘nother story involving a flight delayed OVERNIGHT and THREE trips through security. Hotels were FULLY BOOKED so yes, they spent the night in the airport. This is really not my story to tell except that I am a mooooom and I was SOOOO glad when I got the “landed” text and a bit later the “HOME” text. I dunno how pandemic related this mess was but I suspect it played a part. Being a person who takes a shower EVERY MORNING, I wouldda been absolutely freaking out. My mouse is a backpacker and so has a bit more tolerance for missing a shower or two. Still, I know they are glad to be home.

The GG took this photoooo down in the Huron. It was very hot today. 80s though, not 100s. His trip was more of a float/reading trip. He went downriver a half mile or so and then upriver about the same distance and there WAS a lot of duckweed. I [finally] finished the xword (hint: Ursa Major/Minor) and then got reacquainted with the Landfill refrigimatator in order to think ahead for our next trip UP to the yooperland. It is unclear how many people I’ll be feeding here throughout the week (one or two) and I don’t want to get too much food stashed up.

I had to laugh when npJane was leaving today (after picking up her purse and the WATER BOTTLE that Lizard bought her for xmas and has finally been delivered AFTER MANY TRIPS UP TO THE YOOPERLAND AND BACK!) She noticed what’s left over from my Pandemic Stash, a cardboard box that was once stuffed with cans and pasta, etc. It holds much less now but last time Lizard was here, she wondered at the number of jars of capers in there. Well. I wanted capers in the early days of the pandemic but it was hard to get curbside then and Amazon sold a lot of things in packs of six. Lizard offered to take some of the capers home but we both forgot.

Remember when we all thought we’d be eating rice and beans? Thanks to our essential grocery and supply chain workers for providing us with the cornucopia we are accustomed to here in the land of plenty.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Besides the toilet paper nightmare and sometimes not being able to get bagels (for some reason?) I haven’t dealt with much if any deprivation during the pandemic. Thanks to our supply chain and grocery workers. Daughter’s boyfriend had a nightmare flight out here (got postponed three times then cancelled) and an awful trip back. He ended getting a rental car instead of a flight and driving from O’Hare to Cincinnati. Glad Mouse and raccoon made it back from their visit! Traveling has become very stressful these days.