Whatchya gonna do when they come for you?

I didn’t think I had a photoooo for today but then I opened the photo app on my phone and there was this LOVERLY note I encountered on a bench on my 0-skunk-30 route this morning. The bench is in the schoolyard so I’m thinking ALL KINDS OF PEOPLE sit on it every day. I even sat on it for a minute or so this morning to check the weather or moon phase or whatever. The police did not come for me. I think the stuff at the bottom is someone else’s response to the original note writer.

I had forgotten about this because after a quick [masked] trip to the Plum when it opened and a loooonnnnng [hot] day deep into a rabbit hole, by the end of it all, I could not focus on ANYTHING except scrolling mindlessly through facebook and twitter. Twitter was pretty good today with the January 6th hearings starting but facebook was what it always is, mostly mindless sharing of various BS crapola. Name a girl’s name without/with an A. Name a boy’s name with/without an E. Which picture is different? Which of these five related foods could you do without forever? I never comment on those things. For one thing, they are TOTALLY INANE. Also, if you’ve ever noticed, MILLIONS of people comment on those things. Who the heck cares about your comment? I THINK I am noticing fewer crappy clickbait polly-tickle memes these days. At least Mushie isn’t sharing as much of that stuff as he usually does. Maybe he has experienced a couple of temporary facebook bans? Mushie and I have never met in real life but he went to my high school five years ahead of me and idolizes my late Sault Ste. Siberian uncle, a popular town doc. Mushie actually seems like a great guy but I DO NOT AGREE with his polly-tickle views. Not one iota.

Enyway [snort], I was informed this afternoon that there is a table saw in Cygnus. Moooon Yooonit is apparently full. Man oh man, I have been trying for YEARS to reduce the amount of crapola that goes north and south with us. It isn’t easy but I’ve made progress. Last summer was hard because I tried to schlep almost all of the food, etc., I thought we needed from down here where it was easy to get curbside pickup/delivery. I think I’m still experiencing a bit of PTSD from that. So. A table saw? It is MDUH’s and he will not need it at his new apartment so it’s going up to the moomincabin garage for people to use if they need it. I hope no one loses any fingers. I will not because I will not be using it.

I guess I’m done. You’re welcome. Oh, except that if people would focus more on honing their critical thinking skills instead of thoughtlessly sharing stupid facebook memes and commenting on stoopid facebook questions, well… Maybe our society would be in a different place with a WANING pandemic (not) and citizens that care about each other enough to follow basic public health advice. And not think it’s okay to use the n_____ word over and over again while beating up on a capitol policeman who happens to be Black. I dunno if this is who YOU are but it is NOT who I am. Growing up WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) in a VERY small VERY northern yooperland city I was taught by REPUBLICAN voting parents that a person’s color, race, religion, WHATEVER didn’t make them any less human than anyone else. What have we come to? Again I know I am probably mostly preaching to the choir.

All right, now I AM done!

2 Responses to “Whatchya gonna do when they come for you?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Excellent rant! I agree 100%!

  2. Jay Says:

    Maybe NP can print a series of the latest finger meets saw debacle, and you can post them next to the table saw.