I was having a sorta slooooow day. A couple little things came up that I had to write about as much for posterity as anything else and I cleaned up some more bad html, an ongoing back-burner prodject. Then Amazon Woman pinged me and said something like, “I have a ‘fun’ prodject for you.” Well. “Fun” can be a loaded word but of course I said, “Sure!” But this is a file format mapping prodject and those ARE FUN! I’ve been doing stuff like that since my old childhood career and it’s even more fun now because I have great tools for making pictures and things. I’m sure we’ll come up with some gotchas but that goes with the program.

The “twisties”. I can identify. I mean I am NOT A GYMNAST. I think when I was a teenager I could manage a cartwheel, at least going to the right, not sure I could ever do it the other way. Most of that other stuff? Nope. Airborne? NO FRICKIN’ WAY!

What I DID do was play the flute. I was even pretty good at it and could’ve gone on to get advanced degrees. But I know what it feels like to be playing some virtuoso piece you’ve played umpteen gazillion times and all of a sudden you lose your muscle memory and are, uh, where am I? Of course losing your way in a flute piece is not likely to lead to a catastrophic injury. But I think that’s one reason I did not end up pursuing a career in music. There were certainly others. A big one being that classical music is not the easiest career to succeed in unless you want to teach and I didn’t (I’m TERRIBLE at teaching). The flute version of the “twisties” is something I have never had words for before. Thank you brave Simone and all of your supporters.

Fortunately what I do today is (mostly) not in front of an audience and I have plenty of opportunities to sit (or walk or whatever) and think quietly about what I want to do next.

I’m sorry but I can’t help adding this non sequitur. Hey, @mtgreenee? Shut your pie hole and slap a mask over it. I was about to add that mean does not win the race but then I remembered TFG (not to be confused with the BFG).

Good night! KW

P.S. The fugly is yer fav-o-rite blahgger playing first seat at Interlochen back in the Jurassic Age. I dunno where the girl playing second is these days but she was really nice. Third guy has a phd in flute and is a fellow member of the email floot loop groop I’ve been in forever. He was a great guy too but I lurk on that group so we aren’t connected. I doubt he remembers me anyway 🐸 Thinking back, I think I started out at third or fourth seat that year but quickly overtook everyone in the first week challenges and HELD MY SEAT the second week. A yooperlander with a year or two of lessons with a professional flute player years before going to Interlochen.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Alison was never at that level but she says that you have to go into a zone–your body is supposed to just do the move automatically. If you’re thinking, that’s bad.