On this date last year…

…I was somewhere else. It was orange there. Orange was a difficult color for me for a few years🐽 I’m getting to like it again. I hope that doesn’t have to change. It’s always okay when a Gitchee Gumee sunset hits a red pine.

Where I was today was on the hot and swampy Planet Ann Arbor. Today started out promising with a little rain in the early hours and a “promise” of thunderstorms to come. Did they come? No they did not. I can’t really complain about 85 degrees knowing what other people are dealing with but there’s supposed to be a cold front coming through and I am looking forward to it, plus I will be heading north soon. I have tights, socks, sweaters, and leggings packed since the last trip (I did wash them).

The GG reports that he is at the Spikehorn bar at Hoton Lake. He rode his ebike over there after a bunch of woodchopping and stuff. A number of years ago, he took a solo trip up there. He walked (5 miles) to the Northshore Bar for one meal. He walked to the Spikehorn Bar (5 miles) for a meal. Then he walked to Ron’s Restaurant (5 miles) for breakfast. Problem? Ron’s was closed. Oops. Ron is pretty long dead now but it was such a great restaurant. A good old-fashioned kinda shabby greasy spoon.

In random news stories today some positive news about COVID, at least attitudes toward it. Corporate America is now saying get vaxxed or quit. Corporate America is not accepting the “I read a scary facebook article” excuse any more. There are reasons for SOME people not to get vaxxed but stoopid shared facebook crapola is not one of them. My company is apparently extending the dates for returning to offices (for those who are RETURNING to offices, which some people want to do). They have been wonderful about COVID safety since the beginning. To be clear, I am pretty sure they aren’t requiring vaxxes but we’ll see what happens.

And yes, federal workers should also be required to be Vaxxed so Go Biden.

This pandemic has gone on long enough. GET VAXXED OR QUIT!

P.S. Apparently Simone Biles was watching her former US gymnastics team from the audience and cheering them on like crazy. YOU GO GIRL!

One Response to “On this date last year…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    They require other vaccinations; why not this one against a raging pandemic? People are so credulous. Is that better than saying they’re dumb?