High speed chase?

dropletsTraffic going down the southbound I75 SUV Speedway from Houghton Lake was light today. In fact it was so light that I was starting to get a little sleepy. Not a good thing. We were past the I75/US23 interchange and I was clunking along down south of Fenton thinking about getting a cup of coffee or whatever. Taillights… We limped along for a while and then traffic sped up and then taillights again. And an exit! Okay. I am outta here. I know that often if you sit through a traffic jam on the freeway, you end up making about the same time as if you get off and go through a whole bunch of labyrinthine gyrations through unknown streets. I didn’t care. I just wanted to be in motion. And we weren’t in an urban area. We were in the beautiful countryside area north of I96. So off we went. I’ll spare you all of the labyrinthine gyrations we went through trying to get back to the freeway. At one point we were on *old* US23, which is only a few feet from the freeway. And that’s where we realized that the po-leese were making us turn around. Because. There was a half disintegrated *police* car on a flatbed tow truck. It did not look good. Whatever the accident was happened right in front of a golf course and there were rubber-neckers hanging out there with lawn chairs and beer and the whole works (actually I may be making the beer up). Lots of photographers, including us… More labyrinthine navigating through the back roads. I was in Parshallville for the first time ever today though I’ve been seeing “Parshallville Cider Mill” signs from the freeway forever. Beautiful town, will have to go back. Aaaaand finally back on the freeway and home.

We came across this accident well after it had been cleaned up but it looked bad. The whole front end of the cop car was a mangled, burned up mess. You know, the place where the engine should be. I couldn’t tell by looking whether this was a survivable accident or not. There was no evidence of whatever the cop car *hit* (or was hit by). Any other vee-hickle must’ve been hauled away already. I’m sure this will be in the news and we’ll know just how bad and I’m not looking forward to that. I think that more than a few people are having a very bad day today. Don’t you just want to turn back time sometimes?

In light of that, I am not posting our accident pic (actually, I don’t even know how it turned out). Instead, you guys get this picture of rain on leaves at the Reedsburg Dam near Houghton Lake. And if you click here or on the pic, you get more. It was a cold weekend up there (except for the inside of WollMort) and I certainly wore my little knit glubs but I got by without my ski jacket. There were not a whole lot of campers anywhere that we could tell but I got a huge kick out of the enthusiastic folks camping at the Reedsburg with “Hillbilly Deluxe” painted across the back of their pickup truck and two big American flags planted in the truck bed. Up in the Great White North for the weekend and letting it all hang out. Love it, I’m not sure I’m very far away from being a hillbilly myself.

5 Responses to “High speed chase?”

  1. l4827 Says:

    We were on I96 also today, coming back from Holland, MI celebrating a 21 and 6 anniversary. Had fun, talk soon.

  2. mouse Says:

    I liked seeing “high speed chase” above that picture. I was wondering if maybe the droplets were chasing each other at high speeds? 🙂

  3. mouse Says:

    Actually, my first thought was that you’d seen some kind of funny bug chase in the leaves.

  4. ann white Says:

    love your pieces. when i come across an accident, i not only say a blessing for the folks in the accident, but remember to count my own blessings. glad your ride through the country was beautiful. and with your knit-wear, I envy you – in sw florida where I live, cold is 60 degrees.

  5. Margaret Says:

    My husband wants to get off the freeway when traffic slows down(which is always around here) whereas I want to stay on. We have a few “discussions” about that. I always feel shaky after seeing the aftermath of a serious accident. Hope it wasn’t as bad as you think.