Watching lazily for things that spiral and create great devastation.

fleursFirst of all, yesterday’s horrific-looking freeway accident did not kill anyone. In fact, if my understanding of the article is accurate, it didn’t even happen *on* the freeway but on the “old” version of US23, which, in that particular area, is literally feet away from the freeway. You can click here for the story (be warned, there’s a video that plays automatically with a loud, obnoxious ad at the beginning). I don’t totally understand the whole thing, even though I was driving in the area during the aftermath of the accident. I’m pretty sure I did see the red minivan. It was stopped next to a police vee-hickle that was blocking (sorta) people from getting on to the freeway. You might sometimes hear people complain about the police and there are undoubtedly a few bad apples in the bunch (like in the, uh, banking industry…) but law enforcement officers are necessary in this society and they are definitely necessary on over-crowded roads like we have here in the southeast corner of the Great Lake State. This deputy sheriff was doing his job responding to an accident and I’m glad he wasn’t killed.

Those flowers? Planted at Houghton Lake by my sister-in-law Becky, who I do not see often enough. It wasn’t too long ago that Mouse and the Uncliest Uncle (being the GG’s identical twin) would plant flowers at Houghton Lake every year. I don’t know who hit fast-forward but Mouse is finishing up her senior year of college this spring and wasn’t around to help this year. I think Becky did a great job! Me? Y’all know I have a black thumb. The flowers are prettier in person and also in my original hi-res photo that I downsized for fast loading on the web.

And yes, we are under a tornado watch. This is the first tornado watch of the 2009 season. I don’t think we’ll get one. But who knows. When yet a third tree falls on the Landfill, I’ll find my way out from under the branches and grope in the dark for my iPhone so I can blahg/twitter about it.

6 Responses to “Watching lazily for things that spiral and create great devastation.”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Tornado–eek!! Hopefully not. I’ll take a look at the story and I’m glad the officer was OK.

  2. jane Says:

    So Banana – will you be getting the new iPhone whihc has some better camera version including video? 😉 I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy my friends iTouch when she converts to an iPhone. I’m very geeked about the different apps available.

    as for last night’s tornado watch – it seemed that the worst parts of the storm must have passed to the north of us – not a lot of wind here, and not much rain either.

  3. Sam Says:

    Please, please, pleeeeeeeeeeeze, do not talk about trees falling! Knock on wood, and all that!

  4. kayak woman Says:

    Yes to the new iPhone but not until my contract is up later this summer. More later, maybe.

  5. ann white Says:

    I love how us “nature” folks have iphones and such. As a book junkie, I now will not go anywhere without my Kindle, and of course, my Blackberry. If I had an iphone, I wouldn’t need a Kindle. But fortunately for my wallet, AT&T does not come in well in my ‘hood. All of the folks with the funky new iphones are out on the street in front of their houses yelling, “can you hear me now?”

    Remember when Blackberry was a delicious tasty fruit.

  6. pooh Says:

    Any opinions out there on the Sprint Pre or whatever they are calling their 3G phone? My 2002 very-old-school phone is beginning to show signs of unreliability. I don’t really want to switch to AT&T, since we re-upped our Sprint contract when Dave was home.