Why? Because we’re crazy and irresponsible.

iphoneNo, those are not new iPhones. New iPhones are not being sold yet. Those are our old-school iPhones that we bought in August 2007 for $600 each!!!! Yes!!!! That’s how much they cost. Could we afford them? Hmm… Here’s a link to the post I made the day we bought them, during an absolutely torrential rainstorm.

I am a geek from way back (think Fortran on a mainframe with a v-e-r-y slow dial-up modem) but I had been a snot about the iPhone that whole first summer they were sold. Why the heck would I *need* such a beast? All I needed was a blasted *phone*! The GG, who had always been an extreme phone Luddite in my experience, was hot to get one. I made him put it off all summer and he had lost his previous phone in February so that was not really a good thing. Anyway. Finally. It was a Sunday. A *boring* Sunday. There was torrential rain. I already said that. He asked yet again, “Do you want to go and look at iPhones?” “Oh, okay,” was my grudgingly reluctant reply. And so we went shopping. And how long do you think it took me to decide to spend $1200 dollars?? (Because we bought two phones, roight?) Hmmm??? About five minutes. You go, Kayak Woman! Way to save money!

Will I be upgrading to the new phone? Yes. But not until our contract runs out later in the summer. Do I like my iPhone? Er, do dinosaurs poop in the grass? This morning, for example. It was 5:30 AM and I groped for my phone to check the weather (and Twitter). I got enough weather information (BTW: no tornadoes, you guys, not even any good storms) that I could go straight into the Blue and Only Bathroom to take my shower and dress appropriately for my morning powerwalk afterwards. No need to walk into the kitchen to check the outdoor thermometer. No need to faaarrrr up my MacBook to check the weather or (horrors) actually turn on a boob tube.

Yes, these phones are cool. I have been happy with mine since the beginning. I probably use the camera almost more than anything else but I often use it to read blahgs or check twitter or email or, well, I won’t bore you with the relatively few apps I’ve downloaded. Not today anyway. My birding friends might like to know about iBird though. For the record, I don’t personally have this app on my phone. I love nature, including birds, but the GG is the birder of the family (he doesn’t have a blahg) and so he has the app. It is very cool, like having a comprehensive bird book with sound in your phone.

Enough for now, another day I’ll talk about some of the other apps a baggy old moom of 20-somethings has downloaded to her phone.


4 Responses to “Why? Because we’re crazy and irresponsible.”

  1. gg Says:

    iBird is one great application that is significant enough that some folks will buy an iPhone just to be able to use iBird.

  2. Tonya Says:

    I’m a gadget-ho, too, although I have to wonder why in hell I’m coveting one of these because I actually HATE phones. I have the cheapest (read: free) cell phone available with not a single bell or whistle and I’ve done OK with it for three years now. No camera, no nothing. And I have the lowest possible minutes-plan there is and I still don’t use a fraction of them. I text my son, which is a royal pain on this silly phone. And I get pissed every time I get the bill with all the extra fees and taxes. So why do I want one of these (because I DO!) I want to twitter from it. And text easily. And that ibird thing sounds WONDERFUL. (Does everything you do with these cost extra, though? If I got a basic plan with texting, would I have to pay extra for internet and twittering, etc.? Because between that and cable/internet at home and my AT&T GS3 doo-hickey for internet connection at Harstine, I spend a fortune every month. DO I REALLY WANT THIS? (Yes, but I need justification…)

  3. Marquis Says:

    Hmmm, Apple launches an innovative technology. It then hamstrings it with a costly, micro managed marketing plan. I ended up holding a whooping 20% of the marketplace. Wait, that was 1984.

    Flash forward to the twenty-first century. Apple launches an innovative technology. It then hamstrings it with a costly, micro managed marketing plan…

    $1200 for the phones, how much for the monthly service?

  4. Margaret Says:

    I’m not a phone person, like Tonya–but this sounds more like a mini-computer which just happens to be a phone. Fortran!! Oh, I remember the days of Basic in a room filled with computer and a white card that you had to perforate perfectly or it wouldn’t work. Am I imagining that?