Artistic wood splitter

Okay. I am here at Hoton Lake with 13 (or is it 16?) people and is it three or four dogs? I love all of these people but I am not sure why I agreed to spend the night here. Yikes. I have told the Uncly Uncle and TBGay that as an introvert I might need to take breaks. This was okay with them and TBGay admits to similar issues but she is the mother of three and the grandmother of six and she is in her element when her family is around. And so am I because her kids all absolutely rock and it is so fun to be with them.

They are all here for a week or so but we are leaving for the moomincabin tomorrow for an indeterminate number of weeks. A potentially difficult situation is that I have a few hundred dollars of frozen meat and seafood to transport to the yooperland. I got here and stashed it all into the garage refrigerator’s freezer for overnight. I struggled with all of that stuffing (I couldn’t get both doors to shut at the same time) and then later on it turned out the appliance was apparently not working. So… What happens if all that stuff spoils? It came on again but we will have to monitor it.

I dunno. I’m having a great time here talking to my nieces and nephews and their partners and listening to their kids run around like crazy and so I am kinda done with this blahg for tonight. I will say that the GG has spent the last couple days splitting logs and putting them back together like you might be able to see here. He seems to have to spend a few days every couple years doing hard labor at Hoton Lake.

Faaar going down by the water. G’night and typos be damned. KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a large group of people! Hoping that the meat and seafood survive. Sometimes it’s good to be nearly vegetarian. 🙂