Circle your wagons

When I arrived at Hoton Lake yesterday, I had to do a double-take trying to figure out where our cabin was. Ever since I began visiting the place, the neighbors had a big red “garage” out back of their place. They sold their place a while back and the new owners razed the old red garage and built a fancy new one. It’s still red but it is sooo different. On top of that, our place was ringed with camping trailers. I mean much fancier ones than the Lyme Lounge. So I was like, “where do I turn?” Finally I saw the cFam cabin looming behind all the trailers (to be truthful, it was only the two trailers in the pic). Oh yeah. I am here. Now. Where do I park? 🐽

The new (i.e. rebuilt) cFam cabin can accommodate quite a few people with four bedrooms and two bathrooms but when people bring their fancy trailers (with bathrooms), it helps ease congestion, not to mention providing introverts with freakout chambers.

I had a hard time leaving these wonderful in-laws but we got on the road in the late morning, continuing our northward journey to the yooperland. The traffic was NOT as nutso as on some of my other post-pandemic journeys and my post-pandemic freeway driving anxiety mostly didn’t kick in until we got to the Mackinac Bridge where the backup for the toll booths started at mid-span. I reminded myself that I have NEVER been afraid of that bridge. I REMEMBER the ferries and my family driving over the bridge the first day it was open. Because we COULD! I was able to calm myself at least until the GG started switching lanes… Hey buddy, I at least want to keep you in sight. But driving I75 in the yooperland was a no-traffic dream as it usually is and I couldn’t believe how fast we got to our exit at Rudyard.

All of our frozen meat/seafood made it all the way up to the yooperland still frozen. Tonight’s steaks are thawing and marinating in cold water. We did manage to leave a bag of farm produce at Hoton Lake. The GG saw it but didn’t know it was ours. I had planned to double-check the garage fridge to make sure we got everything but totally forgot. I hope the folks at Hoton Lake are able to put my produce to good use because it would be slime by the time I get back there.

These trips can be soooo complicated 🧡

One Response to “Circle your wagons”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Any trips that involve more than one couple can be complicated food-wise. 🙂 Who’s bringing what? Whose stuff is whose? Etc.