So, right to left… My cuzzints Susal and Sandal (Sandal is on the left actually). Those are variants on their names and coined by another cuz UKW when we were little kids. They are a few years older than me and UKW (a negligible difference at this age). They are sisters and best friends. They are really really really nice and always have been even when I was a “little” kid clamoring for them to play with me. They loved their uncle (my dad) and I can remember them harassing him, ambushing him on the beach or whatever. When we were all a lot younger. I knew they were arriving (next door) yesterday and I immediately recognized their laughter as they got out of their car.

The dog belongs to “Sandal” and I cannot remember its name but she always has really nice dogs.

Dad? Well. He is not my cuzzints’ dad and he is not my dad. He is my kids’ dad and when you get to a certain point in your life you get referred to as “dad” depending on who is taking or viewing the pic.

“Dad” took off this morning with a DNR trail mower and was gone ALL DAY! That was okay with me (I was space-i-fied) but I didn’t exactly know when he left. I made a quick run to Meijer early in the morning and when I got back, he was futzing around with the garage, Mooon Yooonit, and the Trash Trailer so I moved Cygnus to the driveway to get it outta the way and didn’t notice when “dad” left. And then, hours later, I was kinda wondering where the heck he was. After eight miles of mowing, he is home and showered (thank you very much) and about to start barbecuing chicken thighs.

As I worked in various places today (Lyme Lounge and moomincabin deck), I watched cars going along the road to and from my [late] uncle’s cabin next door. I love all the activity and hearing the voices I’ve known forever.

G’night. KW

P.S. How do you like that gorgeous sugar sand there on the moominbeach? It is rock, not shells because this is a Great Lake freshwater beach. I love shell beaches too.

One Response to “Cuzdogdad”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your relationships with your cousins are to be treasured. I don’t have that, although some of my cousins are very nice. (others are crazy)