That’s a wrap

Although there is a new micro-prodject that might be on my plate and I left myself open to being pinged tomorrow if needed. Both Amazon Woman and I think they can muddle through it without me but I did make the offer.

I always offer that kind of service especially if I don’t have much on my vacation “calendar” and I DON’T unless you count the category “as little as possible.” But I cannot forget the time I left for a Florida vacation without posting the latest version of a couple documents where other people could access them AND didn’t take my work laptop with me.

We were hanging out at the Ringling Art Museum with TBSuze and Mr. Ed when AW texted me… Uhhhhh… Hmmmm… What do I do? If I had HAD my laptop, I wouldda said when I get back to the Sea Club, I’ll log on and post them. But… In no less than a miraculous set of circumstances, I was aware that my MOUSE was at my HOUSE doing laundry. My mouse is SMART. So I called her up from the museum courtyard and walked her through the arduous process of logging onto my laptop, locating the files, and emailing them to AW. The scariest part of this process was communicating my finger-breaking laptop password over the phone but ultimately it was successful. Whew! Again, my mouse is SMART!

Since then I travel with my work laptop if I will be away from work on business days. I worked the last three days but I am off for a bit but I really don’t mind being pinged. This is like an hour’s worth of work and my main plans for tomorrow involve things like sorting the refrigimatator because our kids and my late MacMu cousin’s daughter are coming up this weekend. It’ll be great fun but I have to get organized.

Facetime with MMCB1 this morning for the first time since she returned from Iceland. Yes. Iceland is a lot more proactive about COVID prevention than our stoopid country with all of its STUPID COVIDIOTS. Wanna go out to eat without a mask? GET FRICKIN’ VAXXED! Yay for NYC where vaccines are now required for some public indoor spaces, at least last I heard.

One Response to “That’s a wrap”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My dearest hope is that many places will require proof of vaccination, so I’ll be the one going out while the Covidiots are limited to staying at home or doing outdoor activities. As it is, I’ll be wearing my best masks for the near future.