Welcome to Callyforny, pictures #1

lizsanfran.jpgThirty one for today, covering Thursday and Friday, I’ll do Saturday and Sunday tomorrow. Thursday, we drove into the city in the morning so Liz could interview some parents of toddlers about their search for the right pre-school. Probably because she looks so young, a couple of the moms wondered about my presence there. Was I observing her? Actually I was sitting there in a state of shock from being in California. And also thinking that those young moms were much more informed and articulate about their pre-school preferences than I ever was. I was totally clueless back in the day! After that, we had a little tea at a coffee shop — the staff talked me into pomegranite — and then headed back to Berkeley, had a little quick lunch at her apartment and she went to work to put the interview together for the show on Sunday while I worked on homework and then went out walking. That evening, we drove down to Oakland and had dinner while her roommate Jess had a job interview. It was in Oakland where we encountered the earthquake that I didn’t feel and the scary street person. Friday, Liz worked in the morning and I walked around Berkeley some more and then sat in an internet cafe and worked on homework while watching a street person more or less directly outside my window get himself up and organize his pizza boxes and other belongings. I didn’t realize he was there when I sat down and a big brick pillar partially hid him, so I was really not acting as a voyeur, as much as it might sound like I was. Liz and I reconnected about mid-morning and caught the BART into San Francisco where we rode the cable car, then walked down around the “warf” and then Chinatown. We did not do Alcatraz or anything too scheduled. It was just fun to walk around and soak up the atmosphere. Anyway, click here or on Liz’s pic to view my loverly pictures.

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  1. Uncle Don Says:

    YOU GUYS:I have lived in the haight and in the tenderloin. The last time i went to SF 2005 I landed in Santa Cruz and toured the Hornet at the Alemeda bay naval station. IN 1979 I stayed in Napa for a few months, then Vallejo, then the presidio. (mendicino is the prettiest place) Oh yeah Southern Cal is like a separate state, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Encinidas, sometines San Diego. i rented a sailboat and made it as far as Tiajuana for kicks.
    I am happy that you enjoyed Sanfransisco. Your grandfather, Garth E. Courtois, escorted thousands of United States soldiers back from world war II on the Hornet and they gave him the run of the town. the holtel St Francis gave him (your grandfather) a car to drive pretty girls around so that they could get back to the Hotel St ‘Francis and entertain the sailors there. It is still one of my favorites. Coit tower has primitive paintings, any preschooler could have done a better job.
    I wish so much that I could be in San Fran Cisco, But my love still comes to you from another small village by the sea.
    fondest warm mushy feelings from Sarasota Fl …..Uncle don