Callyforny pics, #2 and #3

Saturday, we made a day trip to the Point Reyes National Seashore. It was a beautiful day I’ll remember forever. We didn’t get to every one of the beaches in the park. It would’ve been just too much. We parked at Drake’s Beach and walked around there for a while. Drake’s Beach is in the lee, away from the main swells coming across the Pacific and you could walk in the water there. People were warned not to go near the water on the other beaches because of riptides and sneaker waves. That wasn’t why we didn’t go there, we were making up our specific agenda minute by minute and we ran out of time. We saw that a whale viewing program would take place at the lighthouse in the early afternoon, so we took the shuttle up to the lighthouse, a rocky point high above the water. We didn’t end up going on the whale viewing program. With an on-duty ranger’s help, we were pretty quickly adept at knowing what to look for ourselves. The whales were not close at all and there would’ve been no point in trying to take pictures. Cows were another prevalent mammalian species on Point Reyes. There were ranches everywhere. The area was apparently a historic ranching area and somehow some of the ranches got grandfathered into to the national park and you can read about it here. After a long, beautiful day at Point Reyes, we headed back home. We would’ve driven down the coast but a section of it was closed, so we retraced our route until the turnoff to the Golden Gate Bridge and took the long way home across that and through San Francisco. I was out cold by 10 PM (PST) that night.

Sunday was a long day filled with a myriad of experiences. We got up bright and early to drive into the city for the Childhood Matters radio show. After that, we had brunch with Liz’s boss, then we took off and wandered through Haight-Ashbury, Golden Gate Park, The Mission and Renee’s neighborhood. We had a late lunch/early dinner with Renee at Harry’s Pub. Eventually, we made our way back to Berkeley, tired and sunburned, and I scrabbled my baggage together for an early flight. I absolutely loved it out there and I have to admit, I have wished more than once since my return that I had not waited so long to visit that area of the country. Click on the pics below to view slide shows two and three and I guess that’s all, folks, until the next episode:

click on the pics above for slide shows

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