In which my kids wash the dishioshios

And absolutely refused to let me help. It’s okay. They were done in like five minutes or so. I was sitting outside on the deck and took this pic through the chitchen window. When I was something like 10, The Commander managed to lock us all outta the cabin after a trip to town. I climbed through this window and unlocked the doors from the inside. Ain’t no way I could do that now.

So we are here with both our 30-something kiddos. We cooked shish-kebab and corn for tonight. After that the beach urchins walked the beach and swam and we talked to various relatives who were walking by. At one point I texted my beach urchins that if they encountered a young man, it was their second cousin once removed (I think). They did encounter him but not sure if they knew who he was in the moment.

I’m pretty much done for tonight. The GG took his yeti outfit around to various beach neighbors and was a hit.

One Response to “In which my kids wash the dishioshios”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s great when the kids take over. Ashley has been doing all the cooking, and I’ve mostly done the dishes. (which means loading the dishwasher but also doing some hand washing)