Tufty is gone

She was gone when I got up today. That’s a long time. And no Tufty is not one of our stuffed aminals although it’s the kind of name one of those would’ve been named back in the day. Tufty is a salty with a Cyprus flag. An ocean-going freighter. Salties often require a pilot to guide them through the St. Marys River system and they often park in the bote parking lot by Bay Mills to wait for a pilot. I don’t think Tufty was waiting for a pilot because she had been there such a long time. When I checked Marine Traffic this morning, she was parked at Algoma Steel and last I looked, she still was.

It’s been a slow week at beachCublandia so I spent the afternoon doing training sessions about ADA requirements (making websites accessible to people with disabilities). I kind of knew most of this stuff already. I think about my original college education and the wonderful huge state institution I attended. It wasn’t a bad education. Ultimately the college that helped me the most was a community college. I can’t exactly explain what was different. I took my education seriously at both places. I studied totally different subjects at them (flute as a kid and internet stuff as an adult).

I fell into my adult career via a community college professor who assigned me to an internship that I didn’t really want at the time. The rest is history. I will say that a lot of the training stuff I did today was stuff I learned back when I was taking community college classes. Community colleges are great for a lot of people but you do have to work hard to be successful, like anywhere else.

Here is a pic from the deck on teleBeachLandia. It is too frickin’ hot to hang out on the beach although I may do it later. Here’s my deck view with Cygnus there where Ninja used to park. Vaccine mandates, mask mandates? Yes, I am so glad I am not a teacher.

I am horrified about most of the COVID news.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am horrified by the Covid news. Especially since the vaccines are losing their potency and my grandson isn’t able to get one yet. 🙁