Garbage puzz and reading

And trying to stay cool. The only time the beach was comfortable was early this morning. Once the sun went over the yardarm, it was intolerable. Well, the sun doesn’t go over the yardarm until 5:00 PM but it goes over the trees at about 1-2 PM and today when I got back from dropping off my green bag garbage it wasn’t even noon and I could tell it was ALREADY INTOLERABLE.

So dropped off a couple of green bags up on the res this morning. There was no attendant? Usually somebody comes out, pops my hatch, and dumps them for me. No problem. I got out and did it myself. Home to clean out the garbage receptacles, the one under the kitchen sink and the big one in the garachkey where we safely store garbage in a bear-proof way until it’s time to make a trip.

Among other things too boring to write about, I seem to be doing the puzz again. The NYT xword. I did it for YEARS and got pretty good at it and then for reasons too complicated to describe (a broken phone was a main character), I sorta took a hiatus. Meanwhile my lizardy beach urchin has been doing it and SHE IS BETTER AT IT THAN ME! That cannot be! So I am back in to doing it again. We are also doing another NYT puzz called Spelling Bee. This is a jazzed up version of the old wedding shower game we used to play when I was a kid where you had to make words out of the letters in the first names of the couples. I HATE wedding shower games but that was one I almost always “won”.

I finished RE-reading my last book True North (Jim Harrison) earlier in the week. I liked it better than I did the first time but it didn’t get five stars from me. Of all things, I can’t stand most of the female characters’ names. Vernice? Riva? Carla (for a DOG)? Vera is kinda okay. I don’t know why I dislike Cynthia but somehow I do. Then again, I dislike my own name Anne. It hasn’t ever seemed to fit what I view as my personality. I have “gone there” before and won’t go there again, at least not today. But those are picky things and who am I to judge?

It took me a while to pick a new book but I ended up with Luster. There’s a bit more sex than is usually to my taste but it seems to be integral to the story, not gratuitous, so I’m rolling with it. The author is a young black woman and I LOVE her writing so far so we’ll see where this goes.

This is not the first time I’ve posted a version of this pic. I sent it off to reply to a text from Pengo Janetto, who is in New York for a ceremony involving her fiance. I took it via the Roswell Hipstamatic filter pack. I downloaded this pack because if I have it right, my parents spent time near Roswell during or after WWII. Can’t ask them for confirmation, alas.

Yes I need to water the impatiens🐽

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  1. Margaret Says:

    We seem to finally be out of the intolerable weather and into more seasonable 70s. I’m still glad for the heat pump though! I don’t have to worry as much if the heat goes crazy again. When the kids were here we worked on the NYT crossword together and that was fun. I don’t feel comfortable doing it by myself. It would just lead to frustration!