Tower house

My day began at 2:00 AM when a decent-sized northwest wind kicked up. I went right back to sleep because WHAT A RELIEF! That’ll cool us off! And yes it did. It had dropped a bit by Real Morning but kicked up again and persisted throughout the day. It was such good sleeping weather that I allowed myself to bask in my sleeping bag a bit longer than usual.

This afternoon I dragged what I am now openly calling my Friendly Introvert Self down the beach to the tower house for my first book club meeting EVER. I have known these women my whole life but I still walked in proclaiming my friendly introvert status and then guess what? I didn’t shut up for quite a while… Part of this is because we don’t usually interact a lot and they were genuinely interested in my career, which is mysterious to most beach folk and difficult to describe in general. In the end, one of the women (power company CFO) kind of “got it” and thinks her daughter has a similar career. Yes. Probably. And yes, it is very creative in its own way.

This was sooooo much fun. We had read the book “Where the Forest Meets the Stars”. We all liked the book (I gave it 4 stars on GoodReads) but pronounced it probably not great literature. Other than that, what an interesting discussion! The CFO hosted and provided well thought out questions, which we discussed in a very informal way. I loved hearing other people’s opinions and wasn’t afraid to add my own. We all riffed off each other! A lot of us read the book a month ago so there was a lot of “What?” going on. I kind of wished I’d RE-READ the book last week. One member did re-read it and it was interesting to hear her take on how some of her thoughts changed upon the second read, knowing the ending.

More than anything I LOVED being in a living room venue with these lovely women. It was perfect for my introverted self. It was great to reconnect with those I grew up with and get to know better the two who are in the generation below me (in that family).

Tower house? I wish I had taken a pic. Our host moved permanently from South America (I think) to the yooperland a few years ago and built a house with a two story tower atop. This kind of style is not popular with some of us here on the beach who prefer a more rustic profile. The moomincabin is about as rustic as you can get besides lucky-shucky, indoor plumbing with hot running water, and wifi and isn’t likely to change. I softened my opinion considerably after finally visiting the tower house and reconnecting with its owner, who I don’t think I’ve known since she was a child. And yes, I climbed the tower!

2 Responses to “Tower house”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love being in a book club because of the interaction and the discussions. It makes reading so much more fun and I enjoy the insights I get out of others’ opinions.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Are they doing a September book?