Busted for texting while driving

Oh relax! 1) I was busted by my daughter, not the police, and 2) I was texting by voice. A third thing is that I was driving on Six Mile Road, which was empty. Six Mile is regarded as dangerous because people speed like bats outta hell but in the early morning hours (I mean Real Morning, not bar closing time), it’s usually mostly empty and people are sane. There are two big dips along the way where the Waishkey River winds across the road and back in the day there were one-lane bridges at the bottom of each of them. Talk about dangerous? Thankfully those were replaced years ago with nice smooth two-lane pavement over culverts.

Mooon Yooonit has the technology to allow texting but I don’t drive MY very often and rarely have my phone connected to it when I do. So I was driving Cygnus this morning and my phone was plugged in and I got an incoming text. I pushed a green button, whatever-you-call-her read the text to me, I voiced a reply and pushed send. Something like that. I will not get into the habit of extensive voice texting from the car but this was manageable. I did say I was driving, which is why I was busted.

What were we texting about? The puzz of course. This time it was Spelling Bee. The Monday xword is always easy.

I got back out to the beach after an unsuccessful run to drop recycling (closed on a Monday?) and then spent the rest of the day immersed in various work conundrums. So often what I/we think is something simple ends up dumping us into brain-twisting rabbit holes. That happened over and over today with the last conundrum left to continue tomorrow.

I had a Fedex delivery today, always a little dicey because of our one-lane gravel road down into here, not to mention our confusing addresses. I was well into adulthood until we had addresses here at all. People with year-round homes “in town” (like us) just picked up the mail there. Others got PO boxes and I even remember the Piedys picking their mail up in Brimley via general delivery.

My delivery gal was extremely friendly and not phased fazed at all, just wanted to make sure she was in the right place. Yes. Yes you are. She asked – out of politeness – if there was a preferred way for her to turn around to get back out. I said, however you can figure it out is fine because I knew she could. Fortunately Cygnus is the only vee-hickle here for the moment and is easy to avoid. Oh, and she liked my skirt. My friend, this is what permanent telecommuting looks like.

Photo credit to lizard. Seiche.

One Response to “Busted for texting while driving”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Phased or fazed? I haven’t had much luck with voice to text in the car or any other place. The phone doesn’t understand me and tries to write weird nonsense. It’s especially bad in the car. So I don’t usually bother!