Things I did not get photos of today

This is one thing I *did* get a photoooo of except it was last evening. This little squoil is apparently drinking whatever residual water is at the end of our deck hose. I put the hose away properly after this so the squoil can’t get at it. There was quite some discussion after I called this a “baby” squoil. It is smaller than an adult but is probably old enough to be on its own. I read somewhere that when baby rabbits are softball sized, they are on their own. True or not, I dunno.

I did NOT get a photooo of the vulture (?) that was strutting down the railroad tracks that cross Five Mile on my way back from the laundromat this morning. I think it was a vulture with its funky looking bald head but I don’t really know birds all that well. I *hate* that railroad crossing because it just has stop signs. I think that’s dangerous but I think they do it because trains are rare there, although I saw one last week. But I also think it’s dangerous because the fact that very few trains roll through might make some people be a bit cavalier about maybe ignoring the stop signs? I NEVER DO.

I did not get a photoooo of the flock of wild turkeys that were skittering into the bush along the side of White Side Road. I am more certain of their species. My favorite road-sighting of wild turkeys is once when I was driving along a busy secondary highway in the northern lower. A flock of turkeys was crossing the road in front of me. I and the driver coming the other way were thankfully able to stop in time to let them cross. I blahgged about it that day and wouldn’t you know a cousin was COINCIDENTALLY a few vee-hickles behind me at the time. Small world.

One Response to “Things I did not get photos of today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The world seems to be full of coincidences when we least expect them. Vultures are creepy! I haven’t been taking as many photos as usual–probably a wee bit of depression over losing my best subject. (grandson)