Goin’ baaaar huntin’ in da yoop

I think this BB gun would be totally ineffective against a bear except for maybe irritating the heck out of it.

But this activity routinely takes place off the moomincabin back deck. It doesn’t usually involve a big backpack or safari hat but it did today because the Twins of Terror are mobilizing for a Pictured Rocks backpacking tour beginning this weekend. If I get it right they were lucky to be able to reserve camping spots with all the pandemic outdoor craziness. To be clear, they will not be hunting ANYTHING.

So a puzz clue today was “hippie happening” and for the longest time I was trying to put “peein” in there, as in “pee in”. I KNEW that wasn’t the correct answer. Although I’m sure plenty of hippies had peeins if they had to goooo, it doesn’t in any way shape or form pass the NYT xword Breakfast Test. I myself have participated in plenty of peeins because sometimes when you are in the yooperland there are no places to, uh, pee. Also, some people had two and three seat outhouses here on the beach back in the day. Not us, of course, we didn’t even have a door. Or a light. Light? Who needs a light? Take a flashlight. A flashlight? How is that gonna keep the werewolves and vampires at bay?

The correct answer was “be in” but it was a part of the Thursday “trick” I missed at first but eventually got.

And then I got to Genius with spelling bee via “dunno” which I did NOT think it would accept.

Word has it that UKW is in Idaho at the end of the first day of her road trip across North America from the San Juan Islands to Gitchee Gumee. She has made this trip many times by road and air.

One Response to “Goin’ baaaar huntin’ in da yoop”

  1. Margaret Says:

    “Be in?” This is why I’ll never be good at crosswords. My brain doesn’t think that way. I’m way too linear.