Rain, which we needed. And chilly, which was welcome. I was actually kind of shivering for a while, working from the Lyme Lounge this morning. There is a heater in there but I didn’t really want it on. So I basked in my slightly shivery state. It’s not really all that cold out, 50s instead of 80s and by afternoon my shivering stopped although I never took off my polartech jacket.

I did put on some socks today. It rained fairly hard throughout the afternoon and that last trip from the Lyme Lounge into the moomincabin at the end of my work day took me sloshing through some puddles so yes, my socks got soaked. Fortunately I had another pair. Nice and dry.

<COVID-rant-sorry>School? Why are we going back to in-person school? Before we switched to 60s on Sirius XM this afternoon (which we do because other radio often makes us argue 🐽), the GG was hibernating and I was listening to a woman blithely listing “rules” for parents to calm their children’s fears about going to school, like don’t let your own anxieties show. This was all very good and I agreed with it. I never really had serious anxieties about this, just wanted them IN school. One year our district went on strike the first two weeks. I THOUGHT I WOULD GO INSANE! My kids cooked a can of spaghettios by themselves without me noticing but that would be a whole ‘nother story or at least a tangential one.

BUT!!! WE ARE STILL DEALING WITH A DEADLY DISEASE! This smooth woman made no mention of COVID (that I heard) and what kind of VALID anxieties that variable might throw into the usual mix. Fortunately, our school district is at least requiring masks. But any anxiety parents may have about regular go to school issues have to be GREATLY exacerbated. No they still probably shouldn’t show their anxieties but MAYBE WE SHOULDN’T BE OPENING SCHOOLS TO IN-PERSON LEARNING! I know how this is gonna go. COVID cases will occur and all kinds of kids and their families (and teachers) will have to quarantine. Schools may even have to shut down. Again. Guess what? Someone on next door today called their kid’s high school to ask about educational contingency plans if their kid has to quarantine. NO ONLINE OPTIONS! Disclaimer: I dunno if this is actually true.

At any rate, I think starting up in-person learning with no one under 12 vaccinated and the delta variant running rampant is NUTSO! I KNOW the “zoom” learning thing is hard on kids. I think it’s better than being sick or dead or losing family members. Maybe our country needs to step it up to take better care of our disadvantaged kids and their families COVID or not. Sorry if you disagree. I can afford higher taxes if that’s what it takes. Not all of their parents are freeloaders.</COVID-rant-sorry>

P.S. Kudos to that judge in Fla who stood up to DeSantis (or is it DeSatan?) and his stupid ban on mask mandates. As someone else said, when you come up to a red traffic light, do you exercise your personal freedumb and run it or do you stop? I could exercise my personal freedumb and run the stop sign at the railroad tracks on Five Mile but I ALWAYS STOP because every once in a while there IS A TRAIN!

2 Responses to “Different”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s almost like people are having a break from reality or something. They are in fantasy land. Most teachers I know aren’t, but they have no idea how fast things will go into the toilet or what the contingency plan will be when it does. Retirement seems better and better.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Unbelievable the difference in temperature within a five hour automobile trip between the planet and the UP. It was 88° in the planet with tropical dewpoint, and in the UP it was 57°! Tomorrow here, it will feel like 100°. Over there, maybe frost?