Melting again

The only time I could tolerate the beach today was this morning. By noon it was waaaay too hot, even though somewhat overcast. I hung around OUTSIDE for the day because it was actually cooler INSIDE for most of the day. I got my chores done this morning figuring me moving around inside would just make it hotter.

At the end of the day, I came inside to “cook” dinner aka heat up leftovers for myself and I knew I needed to put the screen in the back door. Problem. All the rain yesterday made the window sticky as all getout. The first time I tried to remove it I actually GAVE UP. Meaning I couldn’t budge it out of the frame. 10 minutes later after opening a bunch of windows and turning the fan on, I decided to try again. This time, well, nevertheless, she persisted and s-l-o-w-l-y and carefully got the glass out. It’s still hot inside but I do have a bit of a cross breeze now.

I was reading this afternoon (Corrag, Scottish stuff). I couldn’t really hear the radio that well but I could hear MULTIPLE storm warnings. Not for here. For mid-Michigan (our NPR here is out of Central Michigan U.). One of the beach urchins is rustic camping in a rec area in mid-Michigan this weekend. I’m sure she’s okay but she does attract storms and has survived (intact) two direct tornado hits as a kid (tent and mini-van). She was scheduled to camp on South Manitou Island this weekend (“girl” weekend) but the ferry was canceled yesterday because of wind.

Welp. Another severe weather alert just now. Gratiot County. Nowhere near here. My first college roommate had been the Gratiot County Bean Queen. Wonder if she’s still around.

Aaaaannnnnd… I just got another weather alert. I think this is at least the 10th. Again, nowhere near here.

Oh! The pic is from a couple nights ago.

One Response to “Melting again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful pic! I don’t like weather alerts and they are rare here. Which makes them doubly frightening. Hope all is well in areas where you and your family are!