FinFam steak dinner

With a twist. In my life, a steak dinner is cooking big slabs of meat and each person cuts their own up and eats it. I’m calling this FinFam steak dinner because steak was one of my dad’s fave meals and as far back as I can remember, he grilled steaks on a rudimentary grill on our back deck. We learned to not leave the steaks unattended for even a second after our dog Tigger once grabbed one off the grill.

Anyway, a young cousin and his SO grilled the steaks tonight and while they grilled big slabs of meat, they then sliced them thinly and covered them with mushroom sauce. They were fantastic and they were rare, which is how I like steak and roast beast. And what a great form factor! I don’t actually (usually) eat big slabs of meat these days and this way I could take a smaller amount.

Our contributions were mashed potatoes (me) and blueberry/peach pie (mouse) and we ate at the Old Cabin, where our cousins are staying. Our grandparents built the Old Cabin almost 100 years ago and us cousins spent summers there together until we were six and my parents built the moomincabin. I remember so many times coming in from swimming in a nor’wester and standing in front of that faaaarplace getting warmed up.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t tell a coherent story about anything tonight if I tried. Right now the Black Fly song is playing on somebody’s phone, you know up in North Ontar-i-o-i-o, and I am turning into a pumpkin. So, g’night.

One Response to “FinFam steak dinner”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like the idea of thinly cut meat but I don’t like it rare. I enjoy roast with horseradish but it has to be completely dead. 🙂