William the Logsmith and his assistant Benny Branches

Actually that’s not Benny Branches in the pic, it’s mouse. Benny Branches took over after this so mouse could swim.

Among other things, this was a day of deadheads. I don’t mean Grateful Deadheads. I mean Log Deadheads. Logs that get separated from wherever they are moored and “float” in to our bay and “hide”. These are very dangerous if they hide totally underwater because if you are motoring along all carefree in a Motor Bote and it hits a deadhead, well, you might guess what the outcome could be. Usually a deadhead pokes its head just enough above the surface that it is visible and we pull them outta the lake if we can.

Lately we have had two deadheads and today “we” (WL and BB) pulled BOTH of them out. Deadheads are waterlogged and HEAVIER than all getout so once they got towed to the beach, they used the bote winch to try to get them outta the water. This worked okay but it was slow hot work. And the second deadhead is not outta the water yet as you can see in the second pic.

Other stuff today…

Stuffed my laundry into a triple loader this morning at the laundromat (masked), then hit up Pat’s Groceries (masked) for a few things. The muzak was Aqualung! Yeah, Jethro Tull. I was dancing with my cart and I told the Uscan gal it was good muzak today. Not sure she knew what I said or meant but I love that store and I love Aqualung.

Got back to the laundromat a couple minutes before the washer was done so after I put my stuff in the dryers, I went to sit outside and do the xword and spelling bee. During that time, I walked the 10 FEET it takes to get to Cygnus to do a 10 SECOND chore. When I came back from that, two guys were sitting on MY BENCH, SMOKING CIGARETTES! I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke so I put my mask back on. They went inside. I dunno if it was because I put my mask on but I didn’t see them again. Were they actual people or zombies? I do not know.

I received another Fedex delivery today and it was the same gal who delivered my last Fedex thing. She has got my crazy moomin address DOWN now and I LOVE her. She is SOOO cheerful even having to deliver stuff down a dirt 2-track. Today it was a laptop and I was soooo happy to get it and then it took me a good amount of time to manage to get logged in. I eventually did and was able to email my co-workers that I am ALIVE. Hope it works out as well when I return to teleBeachLandia on Tuesday.

We were on the beach until forever today, which means we are eating even later than usual but that’s okay because we are at least here now. At the end of a hot afternoon, us gals went swimming and I always love the cool clean no underwear (TMI?) feeling after a late afternoon dip in Gitchee Gumee. Sooner than later we’ll be closing this place for the winter. Love y’all, KW.

2 Responses to “William the Logsmith and his assistant Benny Branches”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yuck on the smoking and taking over the bench! I liked Jethro Tull in college as I recall. I haven’t heard it since!

  2. jane Says:

    oh dang! I missed a calm beach day and a fun project.