Lamb burgers

We had 11 people over here for lamb burgers tonight. All are descendants of my yooperland grandparents plus some very welcome significant others (including the Grumpy Growler and his identical twin).

It was loads of fun and mouse and raccoon deserve a free day tomorrow after all the work they did today. They arrived late last night and were very tired today and I’m kinda sorry I volunteered mouse to do lamb burgers tonight. It’s more of a production than you might think with special sauces and grilled veggie side dishes. Mouse did get a nap on the beach today and I stood at the ready to wash any dishioshios that came along so others didn’t have to deal with them. It’s one of the things I *do*, after all.

We’ve had some interesting discussions tonight but now that we are talking about the difference between government and online banking industry security, I am kinda done. There is no comparison and guess which is more secure. The younger generation eschewed those conversions to go down to the beach to watch for meteors.

One Response to “Lamb burgers”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would guess on-line banking? I don’t like lamb but would probably love the side dishes. Grilled veggies are my favorite!