A night of perseveration

Did I spell that right? Spell-checker sure doesn’t like it and it’s one of my few bug-a-boo words, accommodate and susurrate (see below) being a couple others. Thanks to a couple recent appearances in the NYT Bee, I can now correctly spell titillate.

Anyway, pre-bedtime discussions about menu planning over the next few days and who would get groceries happened. My plan was to do laundry this morning with UKW going grock shopping. Suddenly I realized my laundry plan was a bad one because the GG returns from a backpacking trip tomorrow and will have changed his name to Mr. Stinkum. Meaning I may as well wait until Friday to do the laundry. It’s okay, I myself can last. But I couldn’t notify UKW that I would be available as a tandem shopper because the Old Cabin looked pitch black and I knew those folks were dead tired so didn’t want to wake them.

Also we were dealing with a mini-hatch of benign bugs.

So I went to bed but couldn’t get to sleep right away because my stupid brain kept looping around thinking about laundry and grock trips. Then. I did get to sleep but woke up at that Batscope Hour a wee bit chilly. My sleeping bag was technically warm enough but was mostly unzipped, allowing cold air to get in. I remembered that there was a blanket at the foot of the bed and regained just enough consciousness to dig that up and it did the trick. I did NOT become conscious enough to zip up my bag or SHUT THE WINDOWS!

The next time I surfaced (still pitch black), I became aware of an unusual noise in the distance. There is plenty of noise here at the moomin throughout the night but other than the occasional (comforting) chug of a freighter out in the channel, it is all natural noise. Wind susurrating in the pines or waves lapping (or crashing) onto the shore. This was sort of a mechanical noise. It wasn’t anywhere near and I could NOT figure out what it was. It would occasionally stop and start up again.

So I didn’t sleep through the night but I made my peace with that kind of thing years ago. I woke well rested in Real Morning. I got the windows [mostly] closed and Lizard Breath got the finicky propane stove going (I am not mechanically inclined and also terrified of gas stoves and things). I went next door to offer UKW my services as a tandem shopper and she (politely) refused my offer. And that was fine. Not only was it a relief to me, I understood her need for a solo trip. She has her own guests coming soon and is fantastic at menu planning for crowds. I knew she needed to make her own lists and be able to focus on shopping without any distractions and I would have been a distraction, especially given some lingering perseveration. We have had some great tandem shopping trips in the past. Today was not the day.

I made a quick recycle run instead because we HAVE to keep up with that stuff, then settled in to my “office” in the Lyme Lounge, where my work laptop still won’t boot up and my support ticket is still awaiting review. Fun.

3 Responses to “A night of perseveration”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have had vivid dreams lately which interfere with my sleep. I am unfamiliar with that word. Is it perseverance? I have to persevere to get back to sleep these days as an official Old Fart.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Perseverance? I have trouble sleeping now because of vivid dreams and trouble getting back to sleep, as an official Old Fart. (commenting is wonky and this might be a duplicate comment)

  3. Pooh Says:

    The picture looks like the tree on the left has picked up a shiny object and is offering it to the right hand tree. Say hello to everyone there from me!